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Creating an wireless internet company

I live in a rural area in Louisiana that has no access to DSL or cable and would like to create a company to service this area.  I need to know the costs and equipment recommended for this.  There is about a 20 mile radius that will need to be covered, outside of this area is cable and fiber optic.  The signal will have to be beamed from outside of the radius to the center and then distributed.  I would like to offer a better alternative to the satellite option which is 20mb download.

Any help would be appreciated and would let me know which direction to work towards in my research.

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Re: Creating an wireless internet company

I would use airMAX AC for the Access Points and Station.  For backhaul/PTP (linking various locations) I would use airFiber or airMAX depending on your requirements.  


If you haven't already, I would check out the UBWA student guide in my signature below.  It's a great read and recommended for anyone new to airMAX or outdoor wireless in general.


You'll need to make sure you have permission to resell the Internet connection as well since most ISPs have restrictions on reselling in the Terms of service.


To cover a 20mi radius, you'll need a few tower locations. Most (not all) PtMP links are less than 7mi but this will mostly depend on the AP/STA antenna type/gain.

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