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PTMP - Can I use Rocket AC with an OMNI antenna

I have a need to build a rapid deployment network.  Essentially, I will have 10 cameras sending video to a base station for storage.

The cameras will be deployed in pairs, connected to a POE Switch with a NS-5AC pointed back to the base station.

Because we will not always know where the cameras will need to be relative to the base station, I would like to use an omni antenna.  Is it possible to use the Rocket AC with an AMO-5G13?


Also, can I use a switch 8 150W to power the Rocket and the Nanos?  Will they supply enough current to power the antennas?  I had an issue with an older Rocket where it would only work with the supplied POE adapter.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: PTMP - Can I use Rocket AC with an OMNI antenna

That should be fine as long as you take care to deploy everything with as few obstructions as possible in your fresnel zone. The switch will power the radios with no problem. Be sure to test your deployment at the home office before you set it up under pressure in the rapid scenario so we can work through any kinks in the system with you!

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