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PrismStation Questions

I'm a bit confused on this product, so I'll just ask the high level questions here:


1. Streakwave has the PrismStations (PS-5AC-45-USA) in stock. Are these the AP units with a 45 degree horn on them? I can't seem to decifer what's an AP and what's a CPE with this product line (it would seem both)?


2. Do the units now ship with the full motion mount on them or are they as they where in beta with no real mount except that of the housing itself? If they are not shipping with the mounts, how the heck can I get a few?


3. How do these things compare to a RP-5AC-PRISM with an RF Elements horn on it (generally speaking)?


I have two micro-sites that need 4 new AP's on them and I can't get a hold of the RP's anywhere, so I'm now looking at these Prismstations as I can get them in aparently and none of our client shots are over 1 mile.


Thanks for any help.



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Re: PrismStation Questions

The PrismStations (despite what their name may imply) are intended for use as an AP.

1. It's the PrismStation AP with a 45 degree horn.
2. All non-beta units come with the full proper mount.
3. From what I have seen the isolation and interference rejection are a bit better than that setup.