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Product Recommendations for UAV <> Ground Station Link


For a research project in university we want to create multiple UAVs those all of them capable of video streaming to ground stations.

And we have some questions about which UBNT products should we use?

Here are the questions:

What kind of UBNT airmax modems should be in the UAVs?

We searched and found that UBNT rocket and nanostations seems OK to us.

But we should of course the UAV has some carry limit so have to consider modem's size and weight. 

What kind of UBNT airmax modems should be in the Ground Station?

We searched and found that UBNT litebeam and powerbeam seems OK to us.

We want maximum data rate and maximum covarage (distance and angles).

Our preferred frequency is 5GHz.

We can use some dish antennas int the ground stations for example 3 dish antenna and all of them seperated with 120 degree angle to get maximum angle of covarege.

So in the Ground Station we can consider the best performance products.

Weight and size of the products are not important.

Also there are EdgeRouter and EdgeSwtich in the products of UBNT.

Should we use them in the Ground Stations?

What are the positive effects to our projects? 

Any recommendations would be quite welcomed.

Thanks for your suggestions and have a great day.