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PtP/PtMP Setup for Farm

Hey all!

We have two separate farm sheds less than 2kms away from our house, and we'd like to connect them to our home network. It would initially be a PtP setup, and we'll need to expand to a PtMP setup in about two years.



  • Workshed - 1.3km - I'd like to set up wifi in the workshed since there is only very weak mobile signal there. We will be installing a security camera system and would like to be able to access the footage remotely.
  • Dairy shed - 1.2km - We'll be building a new dairy in this shed in the next two years and will need a reliable internet connection at that stage. This shed is approx 170m away from the workshed.
  • Farm house - 1.7km - Potential to add the farm house to the network in future, but is a low priority.


I've run this setup through Airlink, and it suggested using a Rocket M5 with a sector antenna (AM-5G20-90) for the base station. For the CPEs, it suggests an Airgrid M5 or LiteBeam M5.


Is this the best solution for what we're trying to achieve?
What are the pros and cons of the Airgrid and LiteBeam?
With direct line of sight from the ground, how high should we be setting up the base station?


Speed is not a huge priority because NBN in rural Australia = 25/5 Mbps = we're good at this patience thing!


Thanks in advance for your help! Man Happy



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Re: PtP/PtMP Setup for Farm

A RocketM5 + AM-5G20-90 and LiteBeamM523 would work for this install.  I would avoid the airGrid since it isn't dual-polarity (AKA ~50% less throughput).


You could also use three (3) NBE5AC-GEN2 units to cover both shed locations and use the third unit as an AP on the Farm.  If go this route, it wouldn't provide as much coverage VS 90-degree sector (~45degrees), but you could swap out the Farm AP with something like the Litebeam5AC-120-16 (integrated radio + sector) sector and move the previous NBE AP  to the third site as a station.


Either M5 or the newer 5AC generation would meet your requirements.

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