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Rocket M2 and Bullet M2 installation for point-to-point

Dear experts,
I need your advice/suggestions regarding my setup below.
I have the following items for installation:
1. Bullet M2 HP - 2pcs
2. Rocket M2 - 1pc
3. Ubiquity Sector antenna dual polarity - 1pc
4. TP-Link Grid antenna 24 DBi - 1pc
Details for installation:
My stations A & B should connect to Main and station C should connect to A.
Main station:
1. Bullet M2 with Grid antenna installed on a 50ft pole.
Station A: A to Main = 0.26 km
1. Bullet M2 with the proposed Omni 15DBi installed on a 40ft pole.
Station B: B to Main = 0.88 km
1. Rocket M2 with Sector dual polarity antenna installed on a 40 ft pole.
Station C: C to A = 0.17 km
1. Workstation or Laptop

I don't have any information regarding the maximum distance for a Bullet M2 if it is paired with Omni 15 dbi or Grid 24 dbi. Also, the Rocket M2 with Sector dual polarize antenna.
Please find the attached picture from google earth.

Thank you.
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Re: Rocket M2 and Bullet M2 installation for point-to-point

I would probably use a Bullet on station B with the Grid and use the Rocket with the sector on the main. Use another bullet with an omni on Station A.

The Bullet M2 with a 24dbi Grid through open air at an appropriate mounting height will go a very long distance (30+km) and it is highly directional... I believe the TP-Link 24db antenna is something like 10 degrees width, I wouldn't really recommend its use as your main station. The Rocket with the sector makes the most sense. If you are cutting through trees and buildings and do not have perfect LOS it is completely dependent on your environment and your maximum usable distance will be greatly reduced.

Not sure on the omni characteristics but I think if you get it high enough you wont have an issue at .26km.
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Re: Rocket M2 and Bullet M2 installation for point-to-point

I would think the rocket would be installed at the Site marked MAIN !
With the dual pol antenna. IN AP wds mode.
Site B would have a bullet with the grid Or another rocket .
Site A would have a bullet Try the omni But I have doubts At most I bet it would interfere with the link path from main to site B . A better choice would be a small grid and lower power setting.
I don't understand site C Do you expect a laptop to connect across 2 blocks to site A 's Omni?
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Re: Rocket M2 and Bullet M2 installation for point-to-point

Thanks for the replies guys! What if I will link B (with Grid Antenna) to A (with omni)? I don't know if it is possible with only laptop to link with A or rather I will use an external antenna from Alfa.