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ptp 100m line of sight



I've just bought a house with no broadband connection. My brother lives about 100m LOS (320ft) away from me and has a 250mbit/s fiber connection.


I can't decide what radios to buy. I just want maxium speed out of that fiber connection for about 200 euros.


Should i buy a pair of Nanostation M5 or Nanobeam ACs(NBE-A5AC-16) ?


Excuse my bad english.



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Re: ptp 100m line of sight

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AC is better than M5. M5 will top out around 80 to 90 Mbps under ideal conditions.

Remember to get the ISP's written approval for sharing the connection like this.

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Re: ptp 100m line of sight

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I used the Nanobeam 5AC 16 and they worked perfectly for 200ft line of site.  I did not need 622mbps so I adjusted from Auto to 30mhz (you can leave on Auto for 622mbps) Be sure to adjust power to about 4dBm.  See attached

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Re: ptp 100m line of sight

sorry to bump an old(ish) post, but @brianlewis just wondering what wall mount you used for the nanobeams was?




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Re: ptp 100m line of sight

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That mount is the Nanobeam wall mount kit, comes complete with wall plate and long screw that goes through the Nanobeam original mount. Couple of quid/dollars from any good Ubiquiti supplier.

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