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Bullet M2 ethernet jack problem (might be just one of mine only)


I have bought quite e few of these Bullet M2's to test deploy, today I went to configure one new out of the box and I plugged a standard cat5 patch cable (panduit) to it and I noticed the jack inside the Bullet was a little loose or felt kind of weird.
I just plugged it in (with standard force I mean) as I would normally do with any other bullet or other ethernet equipment.

It simply appeared to be kinda loose and the bullet did not power on. I thought at first the cable must have been bad, so I kinda pushed it in again to see and it powered on ... I let go and it stopped working.

Ohh Well , I decided to open it up and I noticed right away that the jack appeared to be very very very lightly soldered to the pins on the board and they were actually completely loose... the only thing holding them on was the pressure of the jack's supports on the side.

Below are some pics of what I am talking about.....

Before anyone says anything ... I never intended to do any RMA with this as the shipping to return it would cost about the same as buying a new one (I am not in the USA).

I tried to solder the pins back on, but these are not normal lead soldered pins but tin or something, in any case... very difficult to solder. I had to use both hot air and fine tipped iron to get them connected. It wasn t pretty but the bullet is working ... but I will surely not be using it for any clients.

I must say out of the many bullets I have installed, this is the first time I encountered this.
Thank goodness I didn't find this out once it was on top of a mast hehehe.
Bowen Zhao must have missed thisone during his test.

Note: I like ubiquiti , very good value and performance ... I will be placing another order soon again for M2's and some NanoM2 when they come out ....
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Re: Bullet M2 ethernet jack problem (might be just one of mine only)

Hi cwnetwork,

Sorry to hear about this; hopefully it is an isolated occurrence.

Thanks very much for the detailed feedback. It will be a great help to us in tracking down the source of the problem.

Please send an email to and they will arrange a replacement unit to be shipped out. I have given them the heads up.