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High latency and dropped packets when under load

Hi.  I have internet through a WISP using mostly UBNT equipment.  Anytime we start downloading anything more than a few mb's our latency  to goes through the roof at about 1000-2000ms.  The speed is capped at 10x10 at a peplink in their office.  The radios to our location are all bridges.  Attached is a very rough sketch of the network.  Latency is being measured at a computer wired to the router.  We let the WISP use our shop as an access point for other clients.  The WISP is a smaller operator and I'm trying to help him solve this.  Any suggestions on where to start trobleshooting?

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Re: High latency and dropped packets when under load

Usually, I like to request screenshots of the Main tab from the AP and Station.  On the AP radio, please show the Station List under Monitor at the bottom or hit "S" on the keyboard.  This will give us an idea of how things are configured, firmware versions, number of radios and so on.


I'm not 100% following the diagram, but could to clarify how your office is connected to and how far it is away from the AP?


Is this in a fairly remote or urban area?  The reason for asking is Omnidirectional antennas can send a signal in 360degrees, but they can also pick up interference from 360degrees.

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