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Intermittent GPS issue

We're noticing GPS issues on a few of our APs, some of them intermittently lose GPS sync while others fail to track satellites at all.

I've included a few screengrabs from our PRTG monitoring to show the different symptoms they're exhibiting because I would be very interested to know if anyone has had similiar issues or if there are any best practices we should be following regarding GPS.


BB5 sv.PNGAP1 "Satellites Visible"BB5 st.PNGAP1 "Satellites Tracked"BB6 sv.PNGAP2 "Satellites Visible"BB6 st.PNGAP2 "Satellites Tracked" where 1 means no Sats Tracked.


If anyone has any theories on this, experience with similiar issues or any guidelines for GPS I would be very interested to hear about it!

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Re: Intermittent GPS issue

What products are seeing this? Could you forward the support file from a few of these to

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Re: Intermittent GPS issue

Did this occur immediately after installation or over time? Are you using PrismStation 5AC units? How are the GPS antennas installed?