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Intermittent chain imbalance

We're seeing an intermittent issue on one of our sectors where suddenly one of the chains signal drops massively, the other chain is unaffected but this is causing a huge chain imbalance as well as a drop in signal and capacity.


The sector is a Rocket 5AC Prism running 8.5.8xc, no other sectors are affected at all.

Changing frequency doesn't resolve the issue but slowly over about 6 to 12 hours the affected chain signal creeps back up to where it started.

There also doesn't seem to be any pattern as to when this is happening, sometimes once a week and sometimes multiple instances in a week.


All of this leads me to believe it's most likely a physical issue with one of the feed cables, just thought I'd ask for some input as some of you might have seen this kind of issue before?


MG-280 chains.PNGThis was taken about an hour after the event began and the chain imbalance was starting to fix itself. At the beginning some customers chains were as far as 24dBm apart.MG-280 chains graph.PNGThe overall chain signal dropped from -68dBm to about -88dBm as shown above.

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Re: Intermittent chain imbalance

This definitely seems like a physical issue. I've seen similar in the past with cabling and obstruction issues, as well as if there has been any water ingress to the antenna or cable. I'd check those first.