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M2 to connect and Bullet to rebroadcast

I have a Rocket with 10dbi Omni antenna on a 30ft tower overlooking a large property. It provides decent WiFi connection to smartphones 600ft and sometimes even further.

On one spot I needed to increase the signal and use a peplink mesh connector with 9dbi antenna to relay the network for some RV’s. 


I am wandering if I could use a M2 to connect to the main WiFi network and use a rocket or bullet to re-broadcast the network both in the 2.4Ghz band. Of course I would select different channels to avoid interference. Bedside the concern of interferanece I am also wandering if I am missing something with regards to the routing.


Alternatively I could (should...) use to M5’s to bridge the network and use a rocket or bullet to provide strong wifi in this remote location.


On a side note:

I am plannnig on installing a USG to manage the guests. This location only has a limited satellite connection to the internet and I need to limit the bandwidth for guests band block high bandwidth traffic like video, games etc.

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Re: M2 to connect and Bullet to rebroadcast

You should take this question over to the AirMAX forum. This is the Unifi forum, and the devices you are asking about are not Unifi.