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NS M5 Bridge Malfunction in Client mode

Hi All,
it seems to me that there is something wrong in M5 Firmware.

We have two NS-M5 with FW version v5.0.2-rc5.2778.
One NS-M5 is AP and second one is acting as client (bridge mode on wireless not supported yet?).

All devices are set to the network mode BRIDGE.

Our client is despite BRIDGE setting acting as a router (FW mismatch) - it is forwarding traffic from other subnets to the default gateway!!!
Unit is time to time discarding packets which are being forwarded by mistake. Unit has to be in bridge mode transparent and does not have to act as a router.

We are also facing ping-stability problems. AirMax is disabled and on 80meters long link there are pings up to 150ms under 2-4Mbps load.

Does anybody face the same problems?
If so, are you Ubiquitti, going to fix it in FW?

Thanks for your response
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Re: NS M5 Bridge Malfunction in Client mode

If you are looking for true clean bridging, set the station as station-wds, and the AP as ap-wds.
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Re: NS M5 Bridge Malfunction in Client mode

First of all update 5.0.2
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Re: NS M5 Bridge Malfunction in Client mode

For bridging please make sure the devices are in AP/WDS to STA/WDS mode and that you are running the latest firmware to solve your issues.