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Nanostation M5 Connection problem

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Hi. I have a Wireless link between two part of site (z1 = zone with accesspoint , z2 = zone with station). beacuse of some geographical issues i have to set another PTP link in z2 with another place (Z3) so i put another access point in Z2 zone and set another Station in Z3 zone (for both sides of zone Z3 i ticked WDS in wireless configuration). 
I Had no problem until some days ago that i lost connections of zone 3. when i searched i saw that Z3 access point will lose connection on the switch but when i pluged it directly to laptop (and re connect it to POE) i have access to that Access point. But as soon as i plug the lan to Switch i lose connection again and it wont back even with restart. 
I upgraded and downgraded the frameware but it dosent work.
also i used different range of IP Addresses.
I changed the switch.
all switches ARE UNMANAGBLE.

what should i do or check more?

Also the link between Z1 and Z2 is Mikrotik sxt

Also all devices (Nanostation-Powerbeam-litebeam,...) have this same issue on this zone.

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Re: Nanostation M5 Connection problem

I find sth else. when i unplug the UPlink betweeb Z1 and Z2,(And after that plug the LAN of nanostation to switch) i will have the access to Z3 access point. even after that (when i plug the uplink again). but as soon as i unplug the Z3 access point and plug it again, i lose the connection
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Re: Nanostation M5 Connection problem

It sounds like you may be creating a network loop. Do you have a diagram of your network topology?