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Nanostation m5 wont broadcast

I'm not sure if I'm missing something or I have defective product but I can't seem to get my nanostation M5 to broadcast to each other.


I have the router pluged into the LAN port of the POE device, the PoE device is then pluged into the wall and the nanostation primary port. I can't seem to get either device to broadcast anything. The lights will show that it is receiving power and is connected to a network but there are no lights indicating that it is broadcasting. I have ran out of ideas to troubleshoot this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Nanostation m5 wont broadcast

Mind sharing a main dashboard screenshot of the access point end, as well as the station end (including link/configuration pages).
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Re: Nanostation m5 wont broadcast

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I can't even get that far. when i go to or nothing comes up. I just checked each ethernet cable I'm using and was able to connect wired to the internet through the router so the cables and the router ports are good.


here are some pictures of how I have everything wired, using seperate colored ethernet cables.

So to put it in text using the color of the ethernet wires:

Router -> Blue -> (LAN port) PoE device(1)

(PoE port) PoE device -> Yellow -> (Main port) Nanostation(1)


(PoE port) PoE device(2) -> Gray -> (Main port) Nanostation(2)

(Secondary port) Nanostation(2) -> Green -> Laptop

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Re: Nanostation m5 wont broadcast

What is the LAN subnet of your home network?


Do you have trouble accessing the radios if you disconnect them from your network and connect to the via LAN from your laptop?  Please make sure you disable the wireless network interface on your laptop.  The reason for this is if your laptop is connected via LAN and WLAN to the same network, you can expect issues.  Make sure you have given your computer a static IP like



If you cannot access either radio, I would reset them and start over.


Another option is installing the UBNT Chrome Discovery Extension.  This would be useful if you had changed the LAN connection from a static IP to DHCP.  

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