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New DSL Modem - Can't see NanoBeams now.

I setup some NanoBeams a couple of years ago to get internet from our rural home to our shop about 1/4 mile away and all has been working great with no issues.  Lightning fried our DSL modem and the internet provider replaced the modem with a new and fancier DSL modem (Actiontec Model T3200).  Although the internet is back up at the house, nothing at the shop.


The new modem settings are at instead of and I can't get to the AirOs page anymore either by going to


Hopefully, there is something simple I need to update or reset to get everything back to working order.  I'm not a networking expert for sure and probably was lucky in getting everything setup with no issues the first time.  Any help would be appreciated.


Do I need to plug the devices directly to the computer instead of through a LAN port on the modem to upgrade any firmware or setup?  

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Re: New DSL Modem - Can't see NanoBeams now.

You don't say which radios you use; I'll assume NBE-M5-16.


I don't know just how you setup your radios; if you have notes

on this, please post them. But if I had this issue, i would

simply get the modem changed to be in the 192.168.1.n

subnet as it had been. That's a simple internal setting that

you may be able to access yourself; check the Internet.


[Of course, the modem also contains a simple router.]


If you can't do that, you could change the radios to the

new subnet. First, you would have to set a PC to have a

static IP address in that old subnet:, for

example. You could then connect to a radio and access

its internal settings again. But the radios must be on

different IP addresses--not both on


You don't have to connect directly to the radio; you can

use a LAN port if you prefer. But that' only a cable swap.   Dav

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Re: New DSL Modem - Can't see NanoBeams now.

Thank you for the quick reply and yes you assumed correct on the model.


I do not have notes from my previous install.


I will attempt to change the modem to 192.168.1.x and if that doesn't work continue with your next suggestions.  I have to leave for work soon and won't be back to try setting it up again for a couple of weeks and will report back then.  Thanks again for the quick response!