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No Internet after establishing link between nanobeams

Hi Everyone,

I am not a techy networking guy but I have be unilaterally selected as that guy within my family lol. 

Anyways I have set up 2 nanobeams M5 16's to establish an internet link from my home to my dock. 

This is my set up: Router,modem>Powerline Adapter>Poe and Nanobeam A (in AP Mode)> NanoBeam B at dock (Station Mode)> Laptop. 

I have established a strong link between the two but I am reading "no internet available" on my laptop. It was my understanding that the nanobeams set up this way is like one long ethernet cord. I am trying to set up an arlo base station on the other end, would love to just directly plug into that but I also have a edgerouter or tplink router at my disposal.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: No Internet after establishing link between nanobeams

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I guess it's :
modem>router>PLC> NBM AP>NBM STA>laptop ...isn't it? 

static IPs or DHCP in your network?
DNS correct on laptop?
Can you access router from laptop?
access WebGUI or ping from Laptop to station?
access WebGUI or ping laptop > Accesspoint?

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Re: No Internet after establishing link between nanobeams

In addition to @Skipper0815 questions (which are all great questions), did you remove the static IP you may have used when configuring the radio?

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Re: No Internet after establishing link between nanobeams

Enable WDS on both Access Point and Station. This will make a PC or device on the other see across the link at Layer 2 and work almost as an invisible length of Cat 5e cable as you require. Set laptop at Station end to get a DHCP assigned adresss and ifthe link is working you see everything that you do at the source end.

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