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PBE 2AC 400 inferior Performance

I have been upgrading my Access Points to the Rocket 2ac PRISM radios. These radios are awesome. That prism chip realy does the trick at cleaning up signals issues. But I still have a few customers with interfearence issues. So I bought some PBE-2AC-400 radios hoping that they would compliment the access point, improving propogation into these spots, but to my dismay I'm finding that my speed is taking a major hit with these units. 


With the PBE M2-400 I'm able to get 5mbps though to the customer, but with the PBE-2AC-400 i was bearly able to get a meg though. 


Why is this?

Do I need to adjust a setting?

What information do you need to help me sort this out?

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Re: PBE 2AC 400 inferior Performance

Could you post a screenshot of the dashboards of both the AP and the Station?

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