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Packet loss over NB2 bridge until reboot

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Challenging connection to begin with, it's a short distance ~.2km  from a office building to a marina dock, thru pine trees. For many years we had NSM5 units that worked pretty well but then I upgraded to NB5-ACg2 and those barely worked at all so I swapped to NB2. Those still struggled but if i set them to 10mhz width they're fairly stable. CCQ is about 70% on both ends, signal to noise is 55/93.

Recently they started complaining and I discovered that they were running about 10% packet loss, but rebooting the AP clears it up. I'll see some latency spikes in the 100-300ms range for maybe 30 seconds or so occasionally , normally sub 10ms. I assume that's bandwidth usage.

Is it likely the poor CCQ that is causing the radio to 'gum up' and need a reboot every several days? I might be able to move the AP on the office to the other corner, but I'm pretty sure that's not much better for trees. Nor does going higher seem like it'll help, these are very tall trees.


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Re: Packet loss over NB2 bridge until reboot

The first step is always to update to the latest firmware.

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Re: Packet loss over NB2 bridge until reboot

It's difficult to know what's wrong, because--as you clearly

know--this isn't a good link to start with. You have tuned it

as well as anybody could, it seems. Sure: update the firmware

if you haven't already.


I suspect some of this may simply be due to interference from

the fleet. This band is completely saturated, and that dock

amounts to a  good-sized apartment building full of users.


You would do much better with a VPN link to a nearby

building that has Internet access. Or, consider a relay to that

building to the east of the orange-roofed building. You might

find a hole in the trees from there to the docks--or not.


If there is a hillside to the south or west, consider a relay there.  Dave

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