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Piscostation M2 slow LAN0 ping

Hi everyone,


We have 5 PicoStation M2, and one of them i'm making a ping to a host that is on the other side of a VPN tunnel and the AVG: 29.67 (PICO1)





From other pico we get AVG: 102.58 (PICO2)



And this is happen to all the others.


We have downgrade the firmware to check, and the problem is the same, we have replace pico1 with pico1 and use the PEO and cables from Pico1 and the problem is the same.


We have backup pico1 configuration and upload to pico2, same problem.


And for last we did hard reset on Pico2 and let default configuration and the problem was the same.


We have other AP brands installed and they do not have this problem, this is only happening on PicoSation AP's.


Strange thing is that we have one Pico that works ok. 


Any idea ..... to try fix this strange issue.






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Re: Piscostation M2 slow LAN0 ping

It isn't 100% clear how you have everything connected and where you are pinging from.  Could you provide a few screenshots of the units and/or possibly a network diagram?


Are you connecting two PicoStations together or using these as APs for mobile devices like laptops/smartphones?

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