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Powerbeam M5 not receiving power

I've recently set up a bridge to a secondary building off the main building at one of my company's sites. The problem is that neither antenna is receiving power. Both outlets are known good, and the ethernet cables are also known good. The cable leading from the antenna to the power block is plugged into the PoE port, as per instruction. According to the instructions, both antennae should be powered on, and yet they aren't. What am I missing?

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Re: Powerbeam M5 not receiving power

These are radios--not 'antennas'.


If neither one is receiving power, it seems most likely that

it's a cable issue. I suggest you take one radio down and

connect it directly to a PoE supply with a short Ethernet

jumper cable. If that works, you can check the cables.


Of course, if you have a cable tester and a PoE power

tester you use them to determine where power is lost.   Dave

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