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Re: interface=eth0 link=UP DOWN

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Hi, we now have the same problem as described above here too:

- PowerBeam 5AC 300 ISO (WA-8.5.8)

- UBNT original Gigabit PoE Injector (24V, 0.5A)

- Netgear GS108Ev3 - 8 Port Gigabit ProSAFE Plus Switch (V2.06.03GR)


For some installations the interaction works perfectly.

For others, it is desperate.


Cables and patches are new, have already been swapped, but that brings no improvement.


We are at a loss. Who can help us? THX.

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Re: interface=eth0 link=UP DOWN Firmware 7.1.4 Please HELP!!!

Is your POE adapter really "gigabit"? Do you have Tx/Rx flow control enabled on PBE-5AC?

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Re: interface=eth0 link=UP DOWN

I moved this to a new topic as the previous one was last updated in 2015.  Could you restate what symptoms you are currently seeing?


If you log into the radio via SSH, could you try running the following command and share the output?


ethtool -S eth0

Is this a customers radio?


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