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Rocket M2 LAN Repair Help

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Thank you in advance to those who will comment on this.


I have Rocket M2 and it's just 8 months old when it stopped working. I'm using ubnt toughcable but it suddenly lost LAN cxn.


It looks like wifi signal is still ok because I can detect it using site survey on NSM2.

But dead LAn cxn. Only 10Mbps (LAN light OFF)


I replaced the (ethernet transformer) if that's what it is called and I get 100mbps cxn.

Ping to > dest host unreachable 

I reset untill firmware upload lights came ON.

Tried TFTP firmware transfer> failed

Power lights steady green, LAN light is off (even when connected to a PC) all other LED's are off.

Ping to > dest host unreachable 


I am planning to replace the Atheros chip but I have no idea if LAN is also controlled by that CHip. Please help me identify which other componets might need replacement before I desolder the Atheros Chip.


it does not get extremely Hot so I think it is not yet damaged.


Any clue will help. Thank you.



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Re: Rocket M2 LAN Repair Help

how to we got this

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Re: Rocket M2 LAN Repair Help


Please don't bump old threads. you don't get a answer.
Disassembly and modification of radio boards is neither supported nor recommended.
Just get a new radio or if it's still under warranty RMA it before opening.
contact or your local reseller.
We all work for KUDOs here.