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UNMS Connection Issue Airos8

We have an AirOS 8 device that we brought into the UNMS system.

When we first enabled and added the key, we had one typo, the https:// address had 1 number off.

It did not register correctly. We have disabled and reenabled UNMS on this radio, but it still seems to be caching the old, incorrect key. No matter how many times we disable, save, reenable and edit key, it won't connect.


Is there anything in CLI we can use to remove that invalid cached key?


Thank you!

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Re: UNMS Connection Issue Airos8

One thing you can try is downloading the radio config backup (System tab) and manually edit the WSS key using something like Notepad++, save and then restore.


Could I also ask what firmware version you are running on the radio?

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