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Unify over Nanostation M2 dropping internet

Good Afternoon 


New here after lurking for a while, with the forum helping me numerous times with some troublesome installs. 


I'll explain the setup we have for one customer then go on to the issue we are facing. 


So the client has built a house at the bottom of his garden which he rents out, and he wanted to share the broadband from his home to the new property to save money. 


We had a system designed, and supplied (preconfigured) by a Authorised Ubiquiti reseller and the system comprises of 2 x Nanostation M2 units, one at the house as an AP and one on the new house set as a Station. The AP is plugged directly into a BT Homehub via a POE injector of course. 

The new house has an data cab with a Ubiquiti 8 port POE switch, powering the 'station' M2 and then 3 x unify wifi units. 


Everything worked fine for 2-3 months and we have been getting a few calls saying the wifi/internet at the new house is dropping out. 

We had an expert log into the M2s abd confirm all was good with them with no sign of any interuptions to the bridge. 

On inspection of logs on the homehub, the ethernet port is shown as down, before being reinstated seconds later. The tenant in the house usually has to reboot the ubiquiti switch to get wifi back on. 


So after checking cables, replacing injectors etc, and trusting the experts verdict on the bridge not showing any signs of interuption, we are left scratching our heads to why the network is going down. 


My thoughts going forward are either a surge protector between the homehub and the AP M2, or IP conflicts dragging everything down. 


I cant acess the ubiquiti switch (support from the reseller keep this access) but can access the M2s and of course the homehub. 


I'd be most grateful for any advice or guidance you guys may have. 


Many thanks



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Re: Unify over Nanostation M2 dropping internet

If you believe the problem to be with the Nanostations, you should probably ask this on the AirMAX forum, not the Unifi forum. Man Happy


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Re: Unify over Nanostation M2 dropping internet

Hello @Defensure,


Welcome to the community!


I will request a move for you to AirMAX.

@UBNT-JaM  could you move this please?




Glenn R.

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Re: Unify over Nanostation M2 dropping internet

I will say this could be plenty of things, but I would be just guessing. 


You need access to all equipment to work on the system.


If you can get screenshots of the main tab of both Nano's we can start there.



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Re: Unify over Nanostation M2 dropping internet

Sounds like interference to me, but there are too many possibilities to explore by typing them in a forum.

You really need an expert to visit the site and look over everything.