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What is true

Hi everybody!

I was wondering if the information that is on the site is the real production performance.

The Airmax technology is presented as a 150+ throughput system ( half duplex? ) and in this forum i saw people worried about the performance that they had reached.

I used to build wireless links with xr5 and i'm supposed to change the technology to rocketM5, but i'm really worried about it now, and you know, i should import these products cause here in brazil they do not sells it.

Can anyone help me in this situation?
I need to do a 3.9km p2p link (office to a top of a building - dishes with rocketM5) and on the top of the building, set up 3 sectors (19dbi 120) with rocket M5 in a non pollution environment.

What i have to do?

Thank you for your support.
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Re: What is true

Anyone, please?
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Re: What is true

The installation is pretty straight forward.

1. Mount the rockets/dish and align them.

2. Set one side up as AP/WDS with encryption. Set the other side up as STA/WDS.

3. Set the ACK time to static on both sides and adjust the distance to 125% of the actual distance.

4. Set your network Ip's.

5. Done