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redundant link


I would like to install PTP links with redundant nanostation/rocket M on each side. So in case one of the equipment fails the other one continues without human intervention.

Is this possible, how can I implement it? Note the stations are using the same frequency.
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Re: redundant link

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Re: redundant link

You could just install a load balancing failover router on the destination end. Each wireless link would become WAN A and WAN B. Then set router to only use one link as primary and second as backup. Although, I personally would separate the radio frequencies as far apart as possible. Don't forget that even if you aren't transmitting data on both they are both still "transmitting".

Check the balance 20 model out. Not really expensive and you don't need to purchase managed switches to do link aggregation/channel bonding or know the fiddly details of OSPF.

If you were to go this route with frequency separation then just "use them both" and load balance, with failover in place and one link goes down no big deal.

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Re: redundant link

I know it's a little late to ask a question on this thread but I have a similar scenario that I would like to implement using load balancing. I would like to put 2 antennas on my local site and 2 on the remote site and balance the traffic going to and coming from the remote site. Does anyone have any experience doing this with the peplink router or any other equipment? Do I have to put one router at my local site and another router at the remote site for it to work? Does the distance (37 miles ~ 60km) between the local and remote site would affect?


Any help would be appreciated.