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traffic shaping bug in v6.1.8 ?

We always use traffic shaping on the egress side. However, with firmware v6.1.8 (XW) on a PowerBeam M5 and v6.1.8 (XM) on Sector Rocket M5 we see that the traffic shaping does not work correctly.

Recently we started to sell 50 Mbps/5Mbps. And we have one client who claims he only received 37 Mbps.

A client has a connection that delivers real 60 Mbps/60 Mbps.

But as soon as we use traffic shaping of 5 Mbps Egress WLAN0 and 50 Mbps Egress LAN0 the maximum download speed is indeed approximately 37 Mbps. 

Raising LAN0 to 60 Mbps makes no difference.


We have now disable traffic shaping on the LAN0 side but would need a solution of course.


Is this a bug?


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Re: traffic shaping bug in v6.1.8 ?

Could you share your Traffic Shaping settings?  (throughput and burst)

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