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LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 - Performance during Hurricane Irma

Just thought I'd share a few screenshots that I am taking during Hurricane Irma.  Devices are located in Jacksonville, Florida.  Winds are steady at about 45mph, gusting to 65-70mph.  Rain is literally sideways.  Even though these units are not direct line of sight (there are several trees inbetween), they are still keeping a steady connection.


Even with all of this going on, I'm getting 280Mbps throughput between a pair of LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 devices.  Now that is impressive.  I noticed that new firmware was out while testing and updated firmware on both sides to see if they would reconnect.  They did on both firmware updates, AP and CP sides.  I'm sold, this is pretty solid technology.



on ‎09-10-2017 08:31 PM

Hope you guys are staying safe!  Glad the equipment is hanging in there too!  Thanks for sharing.

on ‎09-11-2017 07:06 AM

This is the perfect representation of how good the technology can be with a great installation. Obviously whoever mounted these radio's tightened them down impressively well. Stay safe!

by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎09-11-2017 09:17 AM

Great to see the product performing during a difficult time. Let us know if we can help and best wishes to everyone affected.

on ‎09-13-2017 07:21 PM

I lost power a couple hours after publishing the results.  After the storm, all is well, no real damage.  Devices are working again after the power was restored.


We mounted the devices with standard J pole mounts, the were steady and didn't lose any adjustment.  I expected some, but it was still aligned just right even after the heavy winds.

on ‎09-15-2017 05:07 PM

Am I reading it right? The distance is 0.1 miles?

on ‎09-16-2017 04:53 AM

I also want to report great results during  Irma.


I have 4 Litebeam AC AP units and 18 Litebeam AC units as well as 20 Unifi AC AP. I have this configuration due to the trees and amount of users connecting. During the hurricane we were a bit stronger than Jacksonville. Not in the worst spot by any means.


The OP based on his post had winds in Tropical Storm strength, we exceeded that to Hurricane Cat 1 winds in excess of 80 MPH. We had many branches broken from our Live Oak trees. We had another tree not sure what kind snapped in half and a couple of gazebos damaged. No RV's damaged.


As for the Ubiquiti equipment. Not a flinch. Worked strong during the entire time had a couple of quick power outage's maybe 5 seconds each and all units recovered in a heart beat.


Attached is the tree the broke all the while the Ubiquiti Units on 15 to 17 foot high poles survived.




on ‎09-16-2017 08:03 AM

Nice quailrun!  Glad nothing was damaged at your location also.


On the .1 mile comment, here is some more detail on the link:



It is actually about 885 feet.  Quite interesting, in the link above I outline some of the tree obstructions I encounter with my link.  It is not line of sight, at least not until after the storm.  I was up on the roof this morning cleaning out tree debris and gutters.  Maybe my radios have been cooking trees for the past several months, or Irma decided to give me line of sight.  Either way, I can now see the other access point from my roof where it was far from it before.  Seems before the storm my link showed .2 miles, now that the trees are gone, it is .1.  Maybe next time I'm on my roof I should bring a stick and a hot dog and see if it will cook..... Man Happy