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Nanobeam over the ocean

by a week ago

We have a client that has floating farms on the ocean. They can only get Satellite internet in the area's they are in, and as a result we need to beam the internet over the ocean from the shore where their internet is located. We have used many Nano Beams at various locations to make this happen, and they have been rock solid only having 1 failure in 4+ years of running in this configuration.


The longest shot we ever did was 19km, attempting to link one of the floating farm with the shore in a town. We were able to get a solid 200mbps link during testing...too bad the town wouldn't let us use their poles to mount the gear.

Side shotSide shot


Shore (1).JPG


Gear prep on the benchGear prep on the bench


Up the hillUp the hill




19km using nanobeam 16 and 200mbps speeds? didnt know this little fellas can achieve those distance and speed. 


With very wide channels and a noise free environment, a lot of things are possible...


Nicely done.