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2 weeks ago
Rocket 5AC prism in camera wireless network
Reason for Installation
Change previous NanoStation M5 antennas to Rocket Prism
Used Products
Frankfort, IL, United States
Number of Devices and Application

Four of Rocket 5AC Prism Nine of NanoBeam 5AC Getn2


Client had old wireless network dedicated for cameras. Wireless network was running over 6 NanoStation M5. Unfortunatelly wireless network was not super-stable.

Then we decided to switch NanoStations to Rocket Prism.

instead of 6 NanoStations we have 4 rocket prism antennas working with 9 NanoBeam antennas.

Since then everything works just fine - no issues, very stable network configuration.




 Old NanoStation M5 radios - ready to be disassembled






 New structure for Rocket Prism



 First configuration - it fails because of wrong angle alignment causing too many interference






New setup of 4 Rocket Prism antennas with 90deg offset between antennas