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UBNT Connecting the community

by 2 weeks ago

Ive recently started a community based project




ive gotten a bunch of UBNT equipment together not least of witch a New NANO AC 19 GEN 2( AWESOME BTW), and a Rocket AC lite with a 60' Sector


The jist of the project is that i have a bunch of IP cameras with a NANO @each of the cameras connecting to the Rocket and then realaying the IP carmera image trough the NANO Gen2 back haul to the NVR 



im very hapy with the NANO gen 2 performance and its ablility to filter out RF interference, very powerfull for such a small device



NANO_Rocket sec.jpeg

2 weeks ago

Very Cool.... What switch do you go into?

2 weeks ago

UBNT 8 Port Toughswitch pro as ive got some plans for more radios in the very near future

2 weeks ago

Clean job. I love it.