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Ubiquiti powerbeam AC GEN2 - Work Network with Faster Internet Speeds

by a week ago

We have an autoshop in Elmira, Ontario Canada, which is maybe 100 meters from the main road. There is Rogers Gigabit Internet offered along the main road, but we can't tap into it without paying approx. $30000 to lay a line from the road to us.


Within the last couple of months, we aquired a second shop, just around the corner (300 meters) which had access to the Rogers Gigabit Service. We also had an internal server at the first shop that we wanted easy access to. The Powerbeam seemed like a good choice for price and ease of installation.


One of my co-workers had seen the device used on the Youtube Channel Linus Tech Tips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG-AZz_nm5E


From there, we did some research, grabbed a couple of devices, and installed away.


We built our own mounts in-house, and just like that we were in business. The powerbeam was very straight-forward and intuitive. I could connect in via wi-fi on my phone to do the simple configuration, and the alignment tool built in was surprisingly helpful.


At first we weren't seeing the speeds we were hoping for, but after about 20mins of adjusting and aiming, we got significantly better speeds.


Initially our main shop was getting 3M Down with 1M Up (if we were lucky that day). Now we're getting consistent 250M Down and about 50M Up. We could go faster, but our internal network is a little bottlenecked atm... (Probably gonna fix that later)


For now though, this is a very welcome breath of fresh air. It's solved many of the problems we've been having recently.




Dish at the main shopDish at the main shop

Dish at the new shopDish at the new shopMain Shop from outsideMain Shop from outside


The DashboardThe Dashboard