TOUGHSwitch v1.3 Released!

by Deleted Account on ‎07-30-2013 08:54 AM

Hi all,

The TOUGHSwitch v1.3 firmware has now been released!


You can find the firmware and full release notes at: TongueoE/PRO/Carrier


- New: Flow control option (per port)
- New: Trunk VLAN mode (per port) - New: Added ability to view MAC forwarding table - New: Native VLAN selection - New: PoE Reboot function - New: Default settings: Enable STP in default configuration - New: Default settings: Trunk VLAN mode enabled in default configuration - New: "Test Mode" for TOUGHSwitch - New: Check for firmware updates Fixes: - Fix: STP functionality improvement (STP packet loop between different VLAN) - Fix: TOUGHSwitch PoE (5 port model) stability improvements - Fix: Send out untagged BPDU packets - Fix: Backup configuration upload and admin password change issue - Fix: RX statistics doesn't count packets if packets size is more than 2000 Bytes - Fix: ToughSwitch doesn't work with fixed 100Mbps-Full - Fix: Link status indication issues - Fix: RSTP settings were not applied after "Save Changes" - Fix: Change Human Readable label to Formatted - Fix: Improve Link Speed/Auto-negotiation selection - Fix: After Disable/Enable Port status on port with no cable connected, port appears as connected - Fix: HTTP port change routine improvement expected - Could not change server port while https was checked - Fix: TOUGHSwitch name with special symbols can cause javascript error - Fix: Latitude and Longitude validation issue - Fix: UI freezes when "Loading data...." - Fix: Unexpected warning after save changes in VLAN tab - Fix: Page redirect fails after reset to defaults - Fix: Ports sorting icon is hidden in Safari browser - Fix: Limit Device Name to 64 symbols Improvements: - TOUGHSwitch MAC address changes when enabling/disabling "Management Port Only" - New Default "Ping Interval" value for Port PoE watchdog (15sec) - Improved firmware update process - Faster Alerts processing