airOS 6.0.1 Has Been Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎03-17-2017 11:02 AM - edited ‎03-17-2017 12:30 PM


airOS 6.0.1 for airOS M has been released.  You can find it in the downloads section HERE.



Version 6.0.1 (XM/XW) - Service Release (March 17, 2017)
Supported products

  * Bullet M2/M5/Titanium
  * Rocket M2/M2 Titanium/M3/M365/M900/M5/M5 GPS/M5 Titanium/M6
  * NanoStation M2/M3/M365/M5/M6
  * NanoStation Loco M2/M900/M5
  * NanoBridge M2/M3/M365/M900/M5
  * AirGrid M2/M5/HP/HP New
  * PowerBridge M3/M365/M5/M10
  * PicoStation M2
  * AirRouter/HP
  * PowerAP N

  * NanoBeam M2/M5 	
  * AirGrid M5 HP
  * NanoStation M5
  * NanoStation M5 Loco
  * Rocket M5/Titanium

- New: Update tcpdump to v4.9.0

Regulatory updates:
- Revised UNII Rules activation for IC/Canada ( ​ )
- Updated New Zealand allowed frequencies for 5GHz
- Removed DFS enable/disable option for Australia

airOS security improvements:
- Command injection in Ping test tool
- OpenSSL update to to v1.0.2j
- Remove unused WMM related code
- Other security fixes and improvements

- Fix: airOS stability improvements
- Fix: XM 2.4GHz clients are disconnecting in airMAX AC Mixed mode
- Fix: Station fails re-authentication with AP when the same SSID is used for other APs
- Fix: Applying configuration changes fails after changing SSID and Security from WPA2 to OPEN

We have also published services releases for ToughSwitch and airGateway platforms.