airOS v5.6.1 Has Been Released!

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Hi guys,

airOS v5.6.1 has been released. You can download it in the Downloads Section:


AirOS V Firmware Revision History
Supported products

  * Bullet M2/M5/Titanium
  * Rocket M2/M2 Titanium/M3/M365/M900/M5/M5 GPS/M5 Titanium/M6
  * NanoStation M2/M3/M365/M5/M6
  * NanoStation Loco M2/M900/M5
  * NanoBridge M2/M3/M365/M900/M5
* NanoBeam M5
* PowerBeam M2/M5 * AirGrid M2/M5/HP/HP New * PowerBridge M3/M365/M5/M10 * PicoStation M2 * AirRouter/HP * PowerAP N ==================================================================== Version 5.6.1-Service release (July 3, 2015) ------------------------------------------------- New: - New: Private SNMP MIB - New: IPv6 support - New: Manage custom scripts
- New: Extend Statistics reporting - TX/RX reporting improvement
- New: Extend Statistics reporting - Latency for each Station - New: Statistics - ACK/Distance display - New: Report remote TX power in AP/STA info - New: Show RX Signal per Chain - New: Add firmware prefix reporting for any model (TI/XM/XW) - New: Display actual operating frequency range in MAIN page - New: Show radio mode in Site Survey scan results - New: DHCP address reservation - New: Implement QOS for VLANS - New: Increase password length to more than 8 symbols - New: Increase MTU/MRU to 1500 bytes for PPPoE (server must support max-payload tag) - New: airMAX devices will support only WPA-AES/WPA2-AES security (WEP optional for AP-Repeater mode) - New: Channel shifting is removed. Frequency selection in 2MHz/5MHz steps available when in airMAX mode - New: TCP support for remote system logging - New: DynDNS More providers support - New: Linux kernel update to - New: Upgrade lighttpd 1.4.35 - New: Update hostapd/wpa_supplicant to the latest available stable version (v2.1 final) - New: Upgrade libevent to 2.0.22 - New: Upgrade dropbear to v2014.63 - New: Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.2a Fixes: - Fix: Device hangs on startup when DHCP relay is enabled on two LAN interfaces - Fix: Long Range PTP mode stops passing traffic on high load (XW) - Fix: Sometimes AP can’t change channel after RADAR detection - Fix: airGW provisioning creates wrong forward rules in case of PPPoE client configuration on WAN interface - Fix: Broadcast goes from one STA to another STA even if Client Isolation function is enabled on AP - Fix: Report DFS Wait or DFS Radar in MAIN page - Fix: AP drops all stations. Recovers after reboot. (XW) - Fix: Crash during upgrade from v5.5.x when parsing incorrect IPTABLES rules - Fix: Update EIRP limits for Australia according channel bandwidth - Fix: Allow Fallback IP for PPPoE client configuration - Fix: Various DFS and Frequency List usage improvements
- Fix: Speed test low values when using Management VLAN - Fix: DFS improvements for Czech Republic - Fix: airSelect can use only non-DFS frequencies - Fix: No full-restart when changing ACL list first time after upgrade to v5.6.x - Fix: Wrong 32 symbols SSID reporting to airControl - Fix: Remote statistics reporting to client keeps Android phone wake up all the time - Fix: Update EIRP limits for Brazil - Fix: PPPoE MTU/MRU limited according to parent interface settings - Fix: Traffic stops after Site Survey execution on remote Station when hidden SSID is set on AP - Fix: M900 radio fails initialisation in heavy noise environment - Fix: STA Device Name is truncated in SNMP reporting - Fix: SNMP string sizes - Fix: Station can't connect to AP with Hidden SSID (XW) - Fix: Discovery response leak across VLANs - Fix: Station shows wrong "TX Signal" in AP details window - Fix: The same channel numbering for 4920-5000MHz and 5920-6000MHz (Compliance Test). - Fix: Disable UPnP SSDP messages in Syslog - Fix: Main tab is empty if device name contains <tab> symbol - Fix: Scan results buffer size limit issue (at ~200 APs found) - Fix: Reduce TX power to the EIRP Limit when radio is operating in Station mode or Auto frequency selection is chosen for AP - Fix: Speedup DHCP and PPPoE clients to update IP settings after successful WPA authentication - Fix: SSL v3 POODLE vulnerability - Fix: Add 5GHz frequencies for Kazakhstan - Fix: Validate ping interval for Ping Watchdog. It can’t be set to 0 sec. - Fix: Improved Wireless page loading routine
- Fix: AirMax Capacity/Quality calculation/reporting with Fixed Rates
- Fix: TX flow control and multi queue support. (XW) - Fix: Error after run Speed Test (XW)
- Fix: ACK/Distance miscalculation when connecting to XM AP. (HT8, HT30, XW)
- Fix: AP/STA performance issues (XW, airMax)
- Fix: HT20 Rates are reported/used when device is configured to operate in HT40 and fixed rate is selected. Alternative rate module selected
- Fix: Site Survey does report the same NF value for each channel (XW)
- Fix: Strange AirView view on Rocket M5 Titanium (XW)
- Fix: airSync does not work with fixed rates (XW)
- Fix: Radio has to fallback to full channel list if configured Frequency List is enabled but doesn't contain valid frequencies (XW)
- Fix: Remote Syslog message type is "unknown"
- Fix: Last IP isn't taken from VLAN tagged packets (XW)
- Fix: RADIUS accounting issue (XW) - Fix: Selecting SSID on HT40 may change Channel width from 'Auto HT20/40' to 'HT20'
- Fix: Disable ACK slider if AirSync/Long range PtP selected
- Fix: Antenna alignment tool (beeper) crashes on iPhone, iMac, etc.
- Fix: Don't suggest WPA key as Username for login save (Firefox)
- Fix: Wireless page is broken (IE8/9) - Fix: XW: Improved Data Rate selection for Default rate algorithm when operating in noisy environment - Fix: Remove 924MHz (shifted frequency) as it’s out of allowed band range (10MHz channel width) - Fix: Add full product name in discovery reporting - Fix: AP crash with Multicast Enhancement enabled and specific multicast traffic on STA association - Fix: Scan results ageing issue - Fix: Ping tool doesn’t execute ping in 1sec interval - Fix: Ping tool ping count is sometimes higher than defined - Fix: Unable to set empty PPPoE password (Chrome specific) - Fix: Proper antenna polarisation selection for 802.11abg support - Fix: Some frequencies were missing for India when 30MHz channel width is selected - Fix: Improved association with older devices - Fix: Escape quotes for Device Name and SSID in Station List - Fix: Make ‘Feed only -3dBi’ as default antenna selection for appropriate models - Fix: XW: WPA2-PSK Association time out in case of long channel list - Fix: Min TX Power for NanoBridgeM5 should be -8dBm - Fix: Discovery returns wrong product name - Fix: Speedtest duration validation in range [1-99] - Fix: Reload newly uploaded configuration file - Fix: ac-agent doesn't send GPS coordinates read from GPS module - Fix: STA continuous crash when connecting to Apple AirPort AP - Fix: AP doesn't initiate re-authentication to RADIUS server when Station re-associates - Fix: EAP TTLS/PEAP do not check time in TLS session - Fix: WEB UI: Can’t logout on high CPU load - Fix: Discovery shows empty Device Name if length is 64 symbols - Fix: Italian translation updates - Fix: Spanish translation updates - Fix: Simplified Chinese translation updates Improvements: - WEB UI: Disable controls while Speed Test is in progress - WEB UI: Show explanation after move mouse on RX/TX Signal labels - WEB UI: Ordering by frequency improvement - WEB UI: Site Survey results sorting improvements - WEB UI: Update “Long Range PtP Mode” help message - WEB UI: Change EIRP Limit warning message and Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit label - WEB UI: Increase TEST mode timeout for DFS frequencies - WEB UI: Don’t allow to select AP with unsupported security mode in Site Survey - WEB UI: Port forwarding from LAN side when accessing WAN IP (NAT loopback) ==================================================================== Version 5.5.10-Service release (October 01, 2014) ------------------------------------------------- Regulatory updates: - New: Open 5150-5250MHz frequency range for United States and Puerto Rico (U.S. territory) countries. This change applies for product models listed bellow: * Rocket M5/Rocket M5 Titanium * NanoStation M5 * NanoStation M5 Loco * NanoBridge M5 - New: Add 40MHz channel bandwidth for New Zealand Version 5.5.8-Service Release (January 23, 2014) ---------------------------------------------- Regulatory updates: - New: Regulatory changes for Greece - New: Regulatory changes for Thailand - New: Add Croatia under EU regulatory rules - New: Split Serbia and Montenegro - New: Remove Compliance Test mode - New: Lock selected country for all EU countries/Switzerland. Reset to factory defaults is required to order to change country - New: Available frequency list is updated for UK when operating in 30MHz channel width New: - New: Remote Provisioning Functionality for AirGateway Improvements: - airMax: Rate drops when using narrow channel widths on AP with more than 30 clients - Ethernet: Ethernet negotiation issues after ESD damage - NanoBridge M5: Cold temperature issues Fixes: - Fix: DFS frequencies are not functional for Canada (Rocket M5 Titanium) - Fix: Possible fix for unexpected AP reboots - Fix: Auto IP Address generation for MAC addresses ending with FF:FF and 00:00 - Fix: SSL server accepts weak ciphers - Fix: SSH server (dropbear) update to version v2013.58 - Fix: Disabling DHCP server leaves dnsmasq running - WEB UI: Automatic FW download from web site - WEB UI: Validate location coordinates - WEB UI: Copyright updates Version 5.5.6-Service Release (June 03, 2013) ---------------------------------------------- Regulatory updates: - New: Lock country code for Ukraine - Fix: Rocket M5 Titanium: DFS band unlock with authorisation key - Fix: Remove DFS enable/disable option for EU/Switzerland, turn DFS ON after FW upgrade - Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for EU countries (indoor range) - Fix: Update maximum EIRP from 20dBm to 23dBm for Vietnam (in frequency range 5150-5350 MHz) - Fix: Regulatory update for Norway (5GHz band frequencies and EIRP limits update) - WEB UI: Channel list with indication for Indoor channels (EU/Switzerland) - WEB UI: Possibility to hide indoor channels (EU/Switzerland) Fixes: - Fix: Sometimes AP stops passing traffic in PtMP setup - Fix: UAPSD power saving problems - Fix: In some cases web server may lock up after some time due to memory leak (possible fix) - Fix: Polycom SpectraLink 8030 wireless phone connection issues - Fix: AirGrid M5 HP: Change Antenna gain from 28dBi to 27dBi according antenna specification Version 5.5.4-Service Release (March 13, 2013) ---------------------------------------------- New: - New: Data rate module: Alternative data rate algorithm option - New: WEB UI: Audio option for Antenna Alignment Tool - New: WEB UI: "Feed only - 3dBi" option for antenna type (AirGrid and NanoBridge models only) Improvements: - airMax: Improved performance in PtMP scenarios - airMax: Lower latency in Long Range PTP mode - airMax: Voice performance/latency improvements in PtMP scenarios - QoS: Map commonly used VoIP TOS values (0x68, 0xb8) to Voice queue - Speed test: Improved timeout/errors handling and reporting - TFTP recovery: Reset configuration to factory defaults when executing TFTP recovery mode without need to hold Reset button for 15sec and upload firmware image - airView: Update certificate - WEB UI: Show if custom scripts are present on device - WEB UI: Show signal strength from remote radio in Station information window (airMax mode only) - WEB UI: Show Station TX/RX bit rate statistics - WEB UI: Disable WEB UI while airView is running - WEB UI: Automatically redirect to HTTPS port when running Speed test - WEB UI: Make MAC addresses in Main page easily selectable - WEB UI: Add help text for UBNT/Advanced settings pages - WEB UI: Improved FW update failure messages - WEB UI: Do not offer to apply configuration changes if there are no any changes made - WEB UI: Latitude/Longitude setting validation - WEB UI: Interface Language update: French translations - WEB UI: Interface Language update: Lithuanian translation - Stability: Check filesystem on boot - Stability: Memory leak protection for less than 1MB of RAM - Stability: HW watchdog in u-boot Fixes: - Fix: airMax: Radio is transmitting when operating in airView mode (AP mode only) - Fix: airMax: Long range PtP mode: AP gets stuck at 81Mbps rate and transmit throughput goes down - Fix: airMax: Sometimes AP locks up when applying configuration changes (possible fix) - Fix: airSync: Rocket Titanium airSync Slave doesn't connect to airSync Master - Fix: airSelect: Default airSelect announce count set to 30 - Fix: airView: airView does not start when Device Name contains comma symbol - Fix: airView: M900/M3/M365/M6 products does not scan full frequency range - Fix: Detect Ethernet loopback on defective device and bring Ethernet interface down - Fix: Sometimes M Series devices hang during reboot (except Titanium) - Fix: Change Max MTU to 2024 bytes on both Ethernet interfaces - Fix: Returning from Test mode does not revert some configuration changes - Fix: Redirection issue when enabling/disabling HTTPS - Fix: Satellite signal bar is centred under IE - Fix: During upgrade disable default route if DHCP client is configured - Fix: DHCP fallback IP isn't set - Fix: Memory leak in Main page with IE8/IE9 (session timeout implemented) - Fix: Low power mode fix for newer revisions of NanoStation M5 - Fix: Device discovery issue when DMZ port is enabled - Fix: Cannot switch from Advanced to Simple Configuration mode when network role is Router - Fix: Auto Channel does not follow channel plan for Canada (Rocket Titanium) - Fix: OSPF and other unregistered multicast traffic transmit problems in PtMP - Fix: Skip EAP security certificate date validation if device date is before certificate start date - Fix: Do not send discovery/ARP requests through bridge ports - Fix: Enable busybox option to prefer IPv4 - Fix: UPnP: Router should accept "PORT FORWARD" requests from LAN side only - Fix: Sometimes station can't associate when switching from open to WPA security - Fix: Enable DFS when choosing country Austria - Fix: Disable "Block Management" option for WAN in default configuration (AirRouter, AirRouter HP, PowerAP N) Regulatory updates: - Enable DFS for Germany upper band (5.8GHz) channels - Update New Zealand allowed frequencies for 5GHz - Update Chilean allowed frequencies for 5GHz Version 5.5.3-Production Release (October 25, 2012) -------------------------------------------------- New product support: - New: Rocket M6 - New: AirGrid M2 HP (re-designed) - New: AirGrid M5 HP (re-designed) Version 5.5.2-Service Release (August 17, 2012) ---------------------------------------------- New product support: - New: Rocket M2 Titanium - New: Rocket M5 Titanium - New: NanoStation M6 Regulatory Updates: - New: Enable DFS frequencies for US/Puerto Rico/ Canada for NanoStationM5/Loco M5/Rocket M5/Rocket M5 GPS/NanoBridge M5 models - New: Lock Indonesia country code: once selected at Login page do not allow to change country unless reset to defaults - New: Remove DFS enable/disable option for Austria, turn DFS ON after upgrade for Austria. Keep DFS enable/disable option for rest of EU countries - Fix: Regulatory rules update for India 2.4GHz band - Fix: Move Puerto Rico under US regulatory domain Fixes: - Fix: AirMax: When one of the clients reboot all others are disconnected from AP - Fix: AirMax: Unexpected device reboots on high load/PTMP (possible fix) - Fix: Traffic shaping ingress rules on LAN port in some cases block Internet traffic - Fix: Traffic shaping bursting is increased to the maximum allowed value according to configured throughput limits - Fix: Association to non-broadcasting SSID CISCO AP takes couple minutes - Fix: Complex AP-repeater setup creates loop in this network - Fix: Increase Password attribute length to 18 when sending empty password to RADIUS server - Fix: Auto Channel selection logic improvement - Fix: DFS: Allow UNII-2 band for Canada w/o unlock key for approved product models - Fix: Traffic Shaper rules changes during upgrade from v5.3.5 - Fix: PPPoE stops sending PPPoE Discovery packets on time change - Fix: NBM3/NBM365 should support 2 Ethernet ports but shows only 1. - Fix: Aggregated transmission problems with some Apple laptops and other devices - Fix: Clients can't reconnect to AP with WPA2-AES security reason (15) - Fix: After upgrade from v5.3.5 to v5.5 secondary Ethernet port isn't configured (running default configuration) - Fix: Stations disassociation because of returned broadcast packets on Ethernet interface - Fix: Second LAN port MTU max is 2024B not 1614B (affected all M series products) - Fix: No Internet connection for clients behind device in router mode - Fix: Access Point ignores Session-Timeout limit received from RADIUS server - Fix: Reduce false positives and misclassifications of invalid DFS radar events - Fix: Can't launch Airview when initial window disabled - Fix: Making changes in Network tab resets MTU to 1500 when Management VLAN is enabled - Fix: Incorrect ebtables VLAN drop rules - Fix: Do not allow to upload Configuration file from different Regulatory domain - Fix: Port Forwarding public port range issue - WEB UI: Show DFS status in MAIN page - WEB UI: airSync: Show correct default slots depending on channel size - WEB UI: Static route disappears in Router mode - WEB UI: Option to disable Multicast Enhancement for AP - WEB UI: Improved IP address validation - WEB UI: Don't enable "DMZ Management Ports" when DMZ is enabled (Router/SOHO Router) - WEB UI: Bridge table display problem. Table too big - WEB UI: Do not show graph for interface when it is not in use - WEB UI: Don't report EdgeSwitch XP/airCam WLAN mode in device discovery results - WEB UI: Add Turkish language support - WEB UI: In Simple configuration mode LAN should be BRIDGE0 containing both Ethernet interfaces - WEB UI: Show the same antenna information in MAIN page as in Wireless settings page drop down - WEB UI: Site Survey Scan button is disabled under IE browser - WEB UI: Allow MAC Cloning for BRIDGE interface in Router mode - WEB UI: Bridge table is not displayed in Main page when there are multiple bridge Security Improvements: - WEB UI: Default settings change: Enable HTTPS (port 443) by default - WEB UI: Removed admin.cgi functionality - WEB UI: Add option to disable HTTP service - WEB UI: Add reminder when using default admin user name/ password Version 5.5 - Final Release (April 10, 2012) -------------------------------------------- New product support: - New: Bullet M2 Titanium - New: Bullet M5 Titanium - New: NanoStation M900 New functionality: - New: Management VLAN support - New: Advanced network settings configuration mode - New: RADIUS MAC authentication - New: Low TX power mode support for all M series models - New: AirMax client support for 802.11 a/b/g products - New: DHCP relay functionality in Router/SOHO Router mode - New: UPnP server support in Router/SOHO Router modes - New: Ability to Block WAN Access in SOHO Router mode - New: Fallback IP for PPPoE client - New: 3/8 MHz channel width support for M900 - New: 8/30 MHz channel width support for M2/M5 - New: 8/25 MHz channel width support for M3 - New: 25 MHz channel width support for M365 - New: Full range of channel width options in Compliance mode - New: Max allowed MTU size for newer HW revision models is 2024 bytes - New: Make Device name the Product Model by default - New: Separate throughput graphs for LAN0/LAN1 interfaces - New: Option to create support info file with ping watchdog before device reboot - New: Enable/Disable CDP option in Device Discovery section - New: Check for existing uploaded firmware image when opening System page - New: Prepare for IPv6 support - New: Traffic shaper for ingress traffic - New: Notification for software updates - New: Add PPPoE service name configuration - New: Kernel patches for SIP conntrack/NAT support - New: Show AirMax priority in Main page for Station mode Fixes: - Fix: Configuration change causes device with a long uptime to lock up - Fix: Device stops passing traffic after some time and requires a reboot or "kick" to work again - Fix: Dynamic DNS update after PPPoE session initialization - Fix: Station list is empty when there are few stations associated - Fix: Port ID is mandatory in CDP packet - Fix: STA-WDS in bridge mode is passing back multicast/broadcast packets - Fix: "Antenna Gain" and "Cable Loss" fields are locked for LocoM900 with external antenna - Fix: Incorrect connection time reporting - Fix: Timestamps reset because of stuck beacon. Causes other manufacturers' (i.e. Tranzeo) devices to re-associate. - Fix: Can't launch airView with HTTPS enabled on IE8 - Fix: Traceroute fails to DNS host with multiple addresses Improvements/Change requests: - Improvement: Linux kernel update to 2.6.32 version - Improvement: AirMax performance in large PtMP networks - Improvement: AirSync performance in PtMP networks - Improvement: ACL List: Dynamic list now allows instant changes (no restart or dropped connections required) - Improvement: ACL List: MAC list limit increased from 64 to unlimited - Improvement: ACL List: Ability to add comments to MACs - Improvement: ACL List: Ability to enable/disable a MAC without removing it from the list - Improvement: DFS functionality improvement according FCC/ETSI requirements - Improvement: Report Horizontal / Vertical antenna instead of "Chain 0 / Chain 1" - Improvement: New look for wireless mode configuration - Improvement: Various WEB GUI tweaks, changes, improvements - Improvement: Send NASID in Access-Request packet. - Improvement: Add internal speed test tool to DMZ exemption ports - Improvement: Hide Discovery Tool for read-only account - Improvement: Extension for Port Forward configuration. Allow to specify Public IP Regional Updates: - New: Initial Login page with Country/Language selection - New: Replace Obey Regulatory rules with Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit functionality - New: Remove possibility to change country for some countries (USA, Spain) - New: Remove indoor range for Brazil (5.1-5.3GHz frequencies) - New: Show Band C for UK Frequencies - New: Add Iraq country code - New: Add Nigeria country code - New: EIRP limits for US Regdomain on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz band - New: Add German translation - Fix: Regulatory rules update for Australia - Fix: Devices with selected country Ukraine doesn't work in 5GHz band Additional Notes: - Note: SNMP interface indexes have changed with v5.5 due to advanced network configuration options - Note: AirControl v1 Configuration changes are not supported with v5.5 firmware - Note: Possible Web UI issues with out of date browsers (i.e. Firefox 3.6). It's recommended to use current browser software Version 5.3.5-Service Release (December 19, 2011) ------------------------------------------------- - Fix: HTTP server security exploit Version 5.3.3-Service Release (July 26, 2011) --------------------------------------------- Improvements/Change requests: - Improvement: AirMax: Client's upload speed is low (compared to Download) - Improvement: AirMax: Performance decrease when adding additional clients and using 10MHz/5MHz channel widths - Improvement: AirMax: VoIP traffic quality in PTP mode for 10MHz/5MHz channel widths Fixes: - Fix: AirMax: Low performance when PTPnoACK is ON and operating in 40MHz/20MHz channel widths - Fix: NanoStation M5/M2 hangup issue using PoE pass through functionality (possible fix) - Fix: Power saving issues with some mobile phones - Fix: Tranzeo and other clients continuously disassociate from UBNT AP due to timestamp changes after stuck beacon appears - GUI fix: WPA-PSK key is truncated on operating mode change - GUI fix: Changed redirection code from 301 to 302 to not cache data. Solves redirection problem when using Firefox 5.0 web browser Version 5.3.2-Service Release (May 3, 2011) ---------------------------------------------- - New: AirRouter HP support - New: Completely remove non 5.7-5.8 GHz frequency for US and Canada country code - New: Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit replaces Remove Obey Regulatory Rules Improvements/Change requests: - Improvement: WPA/WPA2-TKIP security stability improvements in noisy environments - Improvement: CCQ calculation - Improvement: AirMax performance Fixes: - Fix: Possible memory corruption fix - Fix: Return Channel Shifting for M900 and M365 products - Fix: Connectivity issues for some mobile devices - Fix: Speed test and traffic shaper issue - Fix: Invalid connection time (49,689 days) reporting issue - Fix: Send gratuitous ARP reply on bridge MAC change (when starting AirView) - Fix: MIC errors encountered in high interference case if aggregation is used - Fix: PPPoE authentication doesn't work through STA bridge with some routers - Fix: Multicast routing does not work in SOHO-Router mode - GUI fix: Hide "Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit" checkbox for Compliance test country code - GUI fix: Disabling "Enable Installer EIRP Control" option, when "Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit" isn't enabled, allows to apply settings without any real changes - GUI fix: Change warning message, when turning off "Installer EIRP Control" - GUI fix: Under IE Stations list table header text should not be wrapped - GUI fix: Site Survey doesn't return scan results in 10 MHz channel width - GUI fix: Enable Discovery checkbox is not intuitive under "AirControl", move under Service menu - GUI fix: Report allowed port range when configuring System services - GUI fix: Site survey does not always return scan results - GUI fix: Ad hoc device mode in Site survey returns symbols - GUI fix: Strange TX/RX values in throughput graphic under IE9 - Fix: AirControl agent: Incorrect WLAN connection count reporting - Fix: AirControl agent: Invalid wlanUptime reporting Version 5.3 - Final Release (January 14, 2011) ---------------------------------------------- New product support: - New: NanoBridge M365 support - New: NanoBridge M900 support - New: NanoBridge M3 support New functionality: - New: AirSelect - New: VLAN tagging: one VLAN per device - New: Low TX power mode for Rocket M5/Rocket M2 - New: DFS enabled by default for all 5GHz products - New: Discovery Tool - New: Ubiquiti Logo Tab - New: Remove outside 5745-5825 MHz frequency range for US country (all M series devices) - New: NanoStation Loco M900: external and internal antenna support scenario - New: Ability to enter device location (for AirControl server) - AirControl agent: Support for GPS location reporting - AirControl agent: Support for latency reporting - AirControl agent: Configuration changed indicator - AirControl agent: Report network adapter status/speed Improvement/Change requests: - CCR: Add Auto Frequency functionality (AP/AP WDS mode) - CCR: Jumbo frames support (maximum allowed MTU is 1518 bytes of data) - CCR: Remove Device name 14 characters limit - CCR: Sensitivity threshold settings for wireless clients - CCR: Add possibility to configure DNS address in DHCP server configuration - CCR: Port Forwarding should support Source IP/mask criteria - CCR: Dynamic DNS support - CCR: Improve Firewall rules with ACCEPT - CCR: Ability to turn auto discovery off under Ubiquiti logo tab/AirControl - CCR: Remove Refresh button from Main page as it already have auto refresh function - CCR: New regulatory rules for Germany (5755-5875MHz frequencies removed) - CCR: Lock to AP MAC functionality for Station/Station WDS - CCR: Make all columns in Stations list sortable - CCR: Report negotiated Ethernet port speed on Main page - CCR: Singapore frequency range changes (remove outside 5725-5850 MHz frequency channels according Regulatory Rules) - CCR: Turkey frequency range changes (add 5470-5725 MHz frequency channels according Regulatory Rules) - Improvement: WPA/WPA2 EAP-TTLS improvements - Improvement: Connection stability improvement when using WPA/WPA2 security - Improvement: Wireless driver improvements, when communicating to mobile devices using Power Saving - Improvement: Functionality set for Indoor products (ability to turn on/off AirMax technology features) - Improvement: DMZ configuration to allow more control over management ports Fixes: - AirMax: PPPoE latency in PtMP network with more than 22 clients connected to AP - AirMax: ICMP ping doesn't pass wireless link - AirMax: Big delay when transmitting IGMP packets - AirMax: TX Data rate gets stuck on 81 Mbps, when using No ACK mode for PtP and 40MHz channel width #1618 - AirMax: Voice quality issues in PtMP network - Fix: Double Auth/Assoc using WPA/WPA2 security when connecting to the AP - Fix: STA disassociation during WPA/WPA2 group key exchange (affects AES and TKIP security) - Fix: No connection or persistent station disassociation when at least one station is connected with low RSSI - Fix: Enabling Client isolation inflicts AP WDS (repeaters) to stop talk with neighborhood AP WDS - Fix: Intel clients are de-authenticated during rekeying - Fix: Stability improvements when more than 8 clients connected and some of them are using power save mode - Fix: Improved power saving handling (Nokia, HTC phones) - Fix: PS Poll problems - Fix: MAC changing doesn't work in AP (Router/SOHO Router) mode - Fix: Throughput slowdown for 2.4 GHz Station when to the same AP is connected at least one AP-WDS peer - Fix: Previously configured default gateway isn't disabled when WAN interface is configured to obtain IP settings from DHCP server (SOHO Router mode) - Fix: Ukraine is missing in Country Code list - Fix: Enable obey regulatory rules in default configuration for PowerAP N/AirRouter - Fix: Sometimes devices behind STA-WDS are not reachable from AP-WDS LAN side - Fix: Auto IP aliasing doesn't set IP address if DHCP client is enabled - Fix: In AP Router or SOHO-Router mode LAN interface can't be disabled if DHCP client is running on it - Fix: Auto IP aliasing duplicates and is incorrect - Fix: DHCP Fallback IP is not removed after getting IP from DHCP server - Fix: Improved wireless client roaming between AP-WDS peers - Fix: Channel list is required on AP/AP-WDS when enabling DFS - Fix: Multicast traffic doesn't pass PtP link, when client is using IGMPv3 reports - Fix: Ebtables module should support VLAN criteria - Fix: Low Data Rates and CCQ value when link is idle - Fix: After upgrade DHCP server serves LAN IP as DNS server when DNS proxy is disabled - Fix: NTP client request interval should be tuned for DHCP Client use case - Fix: Auto ACK miscalculation, when connected to 802.11a/b/g devices operating in HT5/HT10 channel width - Fix: Auto ACK calculates incorrect value for very short distance - Fix: PPPoE client hold off time is not correct - Fix: PPPoE client is not restoring session after wireless link connection loss - Fix: Send proper disconnect command to PPPoE server when restarting PPPoE session - Fix: ARPNAT and PPPoE relay issue - Fix: AirControl agent: Location values are not reported to AirControl Server - Fix: DFS: AP doesn't restore operation after 30 min silence - Fix: DFS: Remove Radar detection capability on STA mode when operating up to 200mW EIRP - GUI fix: Max power of AirGridM2/AirGridM5 products is 20dBm not 19dBm - GUI fix: Make VLAN network settings in Bridge mode as separate option - GUI fix: Reset to defaults redirects to incorrect IP address in SOHO Router mode - GUI fix: Pop-up windows are not closed on "save" action if parent tab is changed #1668 - GUI fix: Reports two LAN ports on Main page for when device has only one - GUI fix: When DNS proxy is disabled, take DNS from WAN and fill DNS fields for DHCP server automatically - GUI fix: DHCP client info is not updated after Renew - GUI fix: Read-only user permission/redirect issue - GUI fix: In SOHO Router mode throughput graphic for LAN does not include traffic that goes only on WLAN interface - GUI fix: Change AirMax priority returns incorrect Warning message - GUI fix: ACK distance reporting issue in Station Details and AP information - GUI fix: "Source IP/mask" field in port forwarding should allow 18 characters - GUI fix: FW upgrade "Close Window" button is not functional if Parent Window is closed - GUI fix: Misbehavior with Obey Regulatory Rules - GUI fix: Password field and "Show" checkbox wraps - GUI fix: Add Antenna model selection for NanoBridge M5 (22 dBi antenna (NBM5-22) and 25 dBi antenna (NBM5-25)) - GUI fix: IP aliasing is not correct in SOHO Router mode - GUI fix: Output Power slider position when min value is selected Version 5.2.2 - Service Release (October 14, 2010) ---------------------------------------------------- - New: AirGrid HP M product support - Fix: Wrong max power limit after reset to defaults for some products Version 5.2.1 - Service Release (September 13, 2010) ---------------------------------------------------- - New: Rocket M365 support - New: Rocket M900 support - New: NanoStation M365 support - New: NanoStation Loco M900 support Improvements/Change requests: - Improvement: DFS functionality enhancements - Improvement: Improve 10/5MHz channel width stability - Improvement: IGMP proxy - Improvement: Multicast traffic - CCR: Increase maximum allowed DHCP server lease time to 48h - CCR: Allow more than 128 associations with security off - CCR: Add GUI option to disable reset button. Prevents from accidental configuration reset to factory defaults Fixes: - Fix: AirMax: Packet loss just after client association to the AirMax AP - Fix: AirMax: STA Transmission Queue stuck, need a reset - Fix: AP wireless stops operating - Fix: Station stays connected to AP, but no wireless traffic is available - Fix: Multicast enhancement does not handle VLAN tagged traffic - Fix: AutoACK calculation issue specific for NanoBridge M5/AirGrid M5/NanoStation Loco M5 devices - Fix: AutoACK on AP calculates incorrect values to 802.11 b-only stations - Fix: Ipod iTouch freezes Internet connection for laptops, which have Intel wireless radios - Fix: AP is using the lowest TX rate (6Mbps), when communicating with 802.11 a/b/g Stations and using WEP/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security - Fix: AP scans only upper or lower channels in 40 MHz channel width - Fix: AP(WDS) in 40 MHz channel width can connect AP(WDS) in 20 MHz channel width - Fix: MAC Address change in Station-Router mode results WPA failure - Fix: Devices behind STA-WDS in PtMP network, sometimes becomes unreachable - Fix: PowerAP N WLAN LED is not shining when RSSI level is less than 30 - Fix: MAX EIRP 36dBm for 2.4GHz band in Australia - Fix: SNMP: Report correct IF-MIB interface speed OID values - Fix: CCQ calculation with auto rates are used - Fix: AirView: Application does not return scan results on NanoBridge M2/NanoStation Loco M2 - AirControl Agent: Restore console reporting after wireless association is restored - AirControl Agent: Report association time - AirControl Agent: Odd behavior with discovery response - AirControl Agent: Ping is not restoring connection when AirControl server is unreachable on startup - GUI fix: Status and Site survey pages fails to render if SSID has escape character(s) - GUI fix: Speed Test fails if using special symbols in password - GUI fix: Speed tests doesn't work if HTTPS port has been changed - GUI fix: When disabling scan list, previously selected channels are unchecked - GUI fix: new Chrome-BETA conflicts with Web UI validation framework - GUI fix: Fixed rates uses SGI(400 ns) rate table - GUI fix: Read only user can access device configuration file - GUI fix: Sometimes Station list is empty - GUI fix: Show static routes in Main page, when operating in Bridge mode - GUI fix: Special Char escaping required for SNMP settings - GUI fix: Destination IP field validation is missing Known issues: - Sometimes Station disassociates during WPA/WPA2 group key exchange Version 5.2 - Final Release (May 14, 2010) ------------------------------------------ - New: Speed test tool - New: AirView tool (Spectrum Analyzer mode) - New: Routing scenario: Network mode "Soho Router" - New: NanoStation M5/M2 Second Ethernet port functionality -- now it is possible to bridge with wireless port - New: Antenna gain and cable loss fields for compliance - New: AirMax ON in default configuration - New: Intelligent GUI improvement - New: Console agent: Restore active heartbeat connections after firmware upgrade - New: Report 802.11 information messages into syslog - New: Improve ACL rules management: increase max MAC ACL entry count to 32 - New: Remove DFS 5250-5350 frequency for US country code (all M series products) , but keep the link alive if DFS frequency was used Improvements/Change requests: - CCR: RADIUS client support in AP mode - CCR: PEAP/MSCHAPv2 support - CCR: Add static routes via WEB UI - CCR: Show Station and AP IP address - CCR: Hide WPA password with "*" - CCR: Ability to de-associate station from Station list via WEB UI - CCR: Add support for SSH authorized keys in configuration file - CCR: Change apply configuration logic - CCR: Missing ppp0 interface information on Main page, when PPPoE session is initialized - CCR: Add System Startup Time/Date field (critical for 802.1x supplicant) - CCR: Allow ping when device is in TFTP recovery mode - CCR: Include PPTP/GRE NAT modules - CCR: Add MAC clone/change option for WAN interface when operating in SOHO router mode - CCR: Report AirMax priority and AMQ/AMC in Station detail - CCR: Speed test: Show total throughput (RX + TX) - CCR: Make IP address in stations list as hyperlink - CCR: GUI: Show/hide Traffic shaping configuration - CCR: GUI: Add option to enable/disable NAT modules on router: SIP, PPTP, FTP, RTSP - Improvement: Speed test: resolves TX/RX difference - Improvement: In memory allocation Fixes: - Fix: TX Power improvement for NanoBridge M5, AirGrid M5, NanoStation Loco M5, Bullet M2, Rocket M2, NanoStation M2, NanoBridge M2 - Fix: Chain signal mismatch on reported signal strength/ Power control for M5 2x2 chain devices - Fix: Sometimes Auto ACK values gets too high - Fix: Max power level for Australia - Fix: Speed test + AirMax PtP No Ack combination crashes AP - Fix: Traffic Shaping is not functional except Soho Router mode - Fix: Traffic Shaping Burst is for functional - Fix: WPA security : Sometimes station is disassociated from AP - Fix: Broadcast traffic is duplicated on AP-WDS - Fix: NAT protocols state changes when changing security - Fix: SNMP wrong OID type: Disallow port range as destination (to private subnet) - Fix: SNMP reports incorrect wireless stats - Fix: Station can not connect to AP (MAC Locked) if it was connected to another AP with the same SSID - Fix: Signal reporting - Fix: Improve noise level calculation - Fix: Noise floor is too aggressive - Fix: Auto ACK on AP - Fix: No more trimmed channels on Compliance country code - Fix: Airmax: PTMP ping loss issue after beta6 - Fix: AirMax: PTPNack AMQ/AMC fluctuation - Fix: AirMax: PTP and PTMP enhancements (latency)\ - Fix: Airview: Sometimes switching back to normal operating mode is endless - GUI fix: Problems with WPA PSK paraphrase: old value is displayed, new value is not saved - GUI fix: Sometime Device name in not reported in Stations list - GUI fix: Do not show clients as connected when authentication key is not valid - GUI fix: Test mode. Timing is no so precise as stated in the warning message - GUI fix: Need correctly display ACK/Distance when AirMax and PtPNoACK mode is enabled - GUI fix: Name -> Device Name - GUI fix: Grammar error in warning message - GUI fix: MCS1 is always reported in AP/Station statistics - GUI Fix: IE8 and WEB UI errors - Fix: Frequency list issue fix for counties: Uzbekistan Brazil Honduras Peru Philippines Russia South Africa Sri Lanka Thailand Known issue: - Limitation from HW: MCS13 does not work with WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP security -- MCS 13 removed from WEB UI Version 5.1.2 - Service Release (February 9, 2010) -------------------------------------------------- - MAJOR: Fixed ARP broadcast issues in WDS mode - MAJOR: Added Mikrotik Station WDS support - MAJOR: Fix to allow VLAN pass through on secondary Ethernet port (NanoStation M) - AirMax: Fixed AMC calculation when using fixed rate Version 5.1 - Final Release (January 07, 2010) ---------------------------------------------- - Throughput improvement for AirMax in PtP environment - Throughput Improvement for AirMax in 2.4 GHz 40 MHz channel width - Fixed lower throughput issue when using AirMax No ACK mode for PTP in 40 MHz channel width - Fixed ping latency issue when AirMax is enabled - Improvements in wireless stability - New: Show station ACK value in Station list under Monitor section - New: Added ip_conntrack_sip support - Fixed UI issue with signal reporting - Fixed missing channels in Channel scan list (20/40 Mhz auto) - GUI: Show only 50% as a max AMC value for 1x1 chain devices - Fixed DNS proxy and DHCP server configuration issue - Fixed issue in site survey: cannot select AP when scanning in 5/10 MHz channel width mode - Fixed issue in admin password: cannot login with admin password when symbols ($, \ or ') are used Version 5.1-RC3 (December 21, 2009) ----------------------------------- - New: Auto rates with MAX value setting - New: AirMax No ACK feature for Point-to-Point links - MAJOR: Fixed WPA/WPA2 clients connection stability - MAJOR: Wireless link stability fix when AirMax is OFF - MAJOR: Memory allocation issue on AP with more than 60 clients - MAJOR: Performance improvements in 2.4 GHz - Auto ACK improvements - Administrator password limit is 8 symbols - Allow to increase Logout session timeout - Allow to disable password authentication for SSH - 5 MHz channel width is back in 2.4GHz mode - GUI: AirMax made as separate section under Advanced setting menu - Fixed GUI issue in AP Mode, Connections shows 0 when more then 45 clients are actually connected - Fixed MAC expiration issue in Bridge-WDS - Fixed passing VLAN tagged packets with V5.1-Beta - Fixed CCQ value when no data - Show B/G/N mixed instead of Ng, A/N mixed instead of Na - Fixed Signal Level reporting in UI (RSSI chain mismatch) - Fixed Data rates selection and reporting - Fixed download backup configuration file or Support info file issue if using IE browser Version 5.1-beta (November 20, 2009) ------------------------------------ - New: 802.11 a/b/g products support - New: WEP and WPA/WPA2 TKIP security support - New: Advanced Ethernet settings - New: Web server change - New: AirMax 4 level MAC address based priority - New: AirMax automatic Voice packet recognition and TXQ assignment - New: AirMax No Ack (PtP Mode only). Can be enabled only in the config file for the AP by setting radio.1.pollingnoack=1 - New: auto ACK implementation - Added Arpnat support for more than one IP address per single bridged MAC address - Updated PPPoE version - Ethernet driver update - Added hardware watchdog timer - Fixed stability issue on link when Airmax is disabled - Fixed PPPoE Stability in 40 MHz channel width (PPPoE session disconnects due to the no response to 5 echo-requests) - Fixed WPA/WPA2 client connection issue to AP - Removed US country code DFS frequencies: 5500-5700 GHz - Separated L2 isolation and multicast traffic - Fixed issues in PPPoE daemon when compression enabled - Fixed switch off for Extra reporting (MT discovery protocol) - Fixed incorrect CDP packet check sum - No more FTP speed limits per session when AirMax enabled - Fixed Compliance test country frequency range for 20/40 MHz channel width - Fixed SNMP OID numbers persistence (SNMP daemon enumerates all interfaces on startup and assigns sequential numbers now) - Fixed Web UI lock - Fixed read-only user account - Improved signal strength value in 40 MHz channel width - Fixed signal strength per chain handling when station disconnects from AP - Fixed data rates reporting for 10Mhz channel width for 802.11 a/b/g clients - Improved Noise Floor reporting - Improvement in data rate reporting when traffic is inactive - Added Device Name in Station and AP statistics table - Fixed ARP table entry reporting if it contains unresolved MAC address Version 5.0.2 - SERVICE release (October 23, 2009) ------------------------------------------------ - Fixed Chain 1 association problem in 802.11a mode - Fixed Compliance test channels in 5 MHz step instead of 20 MHz - Added VLAN support in Ethernet driver Version 5.0.2-RC6 (October 17,2009) ------------------------------------- - Final Ethernet lockup fix Version 5.0.5-RC5 (September 26, 2009) ------------------------------------- - Uboot fix Version 5.0.2-RC4 (September 25, 2009) -------------------------------------- - Increased Reset to Defaults/Rescue mode timing (triggered from POE and Reset button) - Added ability to disable reset to default function (from PoE and Reset button) in config Version 5.0.2-RC3 (September 23, 2009) -------------------------------------- - Ethernet lockup fix - Fixed SNMP agent to report correct values Version 5.0.2-RC2 (September 18, 2009) -------------------------------------- - Fixed web UI slow responses (aka web server loop) on Windows7/IE8 version: 8.0.7057.0 - Fixed PPPoE reconnection issue - Fixed PPPoE client DNS server issue - Fixed LAN interface disabling - Use device name as Web UI Authentication Realm name (allows to use Google Chrome) - Show FW version on Main page - PPPoE client can't authenticate if in username symbol # is used - Fixed connection on low signals: noise immunity is switched off by default. Added ability to change noise immunity on/off in config (not available on UI) - Fixed AirMax lockup - DHCP server doesn't work if DNS proxy is disabled Version 5.0.2-RC1 (August 31, 2009) ------------------------------------ - Added Compliance test country code - Added information text in survey window - Fixed Memory leak when scanning - Fixed selected channels scanning - Fixed WPA/WPA2 association to AP with hidden ESSID on passive scan channels - Fixed Product Logo displaying if no logo image for device - Fixed firmware version reporting - Fixed Rate control algorithm is too aggressive in noisy conditions - Fixed AirMax AP lock after some time - Fixed combined signal report in align antenna tool for 2 chains devices - Fixed hangup issue in router mode with firewall enabled (aka ethernet/iptables fix) - Fixed scan results for more than 14 stations issue - Fixed AMC values for 1x1 device should not show more than 50% - Fixed connected stations reporting for more than 22 stations issue Version 5.0 (June 16, 2009 RELEASE) ----------------------------------- - New: UI design - New: AirMax functionality - New: 5/10/20/40 MHz channel width support - Improvement: CCQ formula