airOS v6.1.2 Has Been Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎10-17-2017 10:12 AM

Hi Everyone,


We're releasing airOS v6.1.2 for airMAX M devices.    You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.




- Fix: Security patch for the WPA2 vulnerability called KRACK


Supported Products: 

  * Bullet M2/M5/Titanium
  * Rocket M2/M2 Titanium/M3/M365/M900/M5/M5 GPS/M5 Titanium/M6
  * NanoStation M2/M3/M365/M5/M6
  * NanoStation Loco M2/M900/M5
  * NanoBridge M2/M3/M365/M900/M5
  * AirGrid M2/M5/HP/HP New
  * PowerBridge M3/M365/M5/M10
  * PicoStation M2
  * AirRouter/HP
  * PowerAP N
  * LiteBeam M5
  * NanoBeam M2/M5  
  * AirGrid M5 HP
  * NanoStation M5
  * NanoStation M5 Loco
  * Rocket M5/Titanium


You can find "-CS" versions that support custom scripts HERE.


Please @mention me if you have any questions.