airOS v7.1.1 Has been released!

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎05-19-2015 08:26 AM - edited ‎05-27-2015 09:42 AM

Hi Guys,


airOS 7.1.1 has been released for airMAX AC devices.  You can download it HERE.


Supported products
  * Rocket 5AC Lite, model R5AC-Lite	
  * PowerBeam 5AC, model: PBE-5AC-500, PBE-5AC-620
  * Rocket 5AC PTP AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTP
  * Rocket 5AC Multi-Point AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTMP
  * NanoBeam 5AC 19dBi, model: NBE-5AC-19
Version 7.1.1 (XC) - Service Release (May 19, 2015)
- Upgrade is allowed from v7.1-rc (and later) airOS version.

- New: Remove Wireless Mode (PTP/PTMP) limitations per product

- Fix: Multiple priorities traffic causes high packet error rate
- Fix: Frequent longer distance link disassociations on heavy traffic load
- Fix: Bridge duplicates unknown unicast packets
- Fix: Station sometimes doesn't reconnect to AP (PTMP operation mode)
- Fix: Station can't connect to AP after it's DFS wait period end
- Fix: Improved DFS false positive detection
- Fix: TX/RX signals are very low just after association
- Fix: Speed Test tool timeout issue
- Fix: CPU load increase to 100% after high throughput load
- Fix: Multicast stream can pass through one client only
- Fix: AP ignores EAP Session-Timeout attribute
- Fix: DHCP Client gets new IP after each release time
- Fix: Faster PPPoE/DHCPC IP settings update after association when WPA2 security is used
- Fix: Update EIRP limits for Brasil
- Fix: Show DFS events in Syslog
- Fix: WLAN TX errors counting
- Fix: Include ICMP ping request (ICMP type 8) to DMZ Management port exception list
- Fix: NTP client is restarting when server is unreachable
- Fix: Disabling VLAN leaves associated ebtables rules enabled (may cause certain VLAN tagged traffic to not pass link)
- Fix: Reduced CPU usage
- Fix: Dynamic traffic shaping burst limits
- Fix: Disable iptables when changing network role from Router to Bridge
- Fix: IPv6 connectivity delay
- Fix: Station stops passing traffic after some time
- Fix: Aggregation parameters doesn't change after apply
- Fix: Increase TEST mode wait time according DFS wait time period
- Fix: Active channel width is not reported for STA mode after association to AP
- Fix: Do full restart when configuring Frequency List
- Fix: DNS servers disappear after fast restart (PPPoE/DHCP Client mode)
- Fix: Disable IPv6 neighbour discovery
- Fix: Wrong channel width reported in MAIN page after Station disconnect
- Fix: Wireless link disconnect/lockup issue
- Fix: Auto ACK/Distance miscalculation issues
- Fix: Reset button on PoE adapter doesn't trigger factory reset

- WEB UI: airView vertical scrollbar issue
- WEB UI: add dBm labels to signal per chain values
- WEB UI: Constellation diagram optimisation for IE9
- WEB UI: Sometimes "Save" button isn't active after first mouse click
- WEB UI: Show disabled Antenna Gain field for products with integrated antenna
- WEB UI: Distance reporting in MAIN page
- WEB UI: WPA anonymous identity should be not a mandatory option
- WEB UI: Password strength meter
- WEB UI: Output power reporting in Device Info section
- WEB UI: Add client Isolation configuration option
- WEB UI: Low Speed Test result values
- WEB UI: Show Firmware Version in Stations list
- WEB UI: Traffic Shaper. Interface list should not include disabled interfaces
- WEB UI: Doesn't load antenna gain value from configuration file
- WEB UI: Hide "Client Isolation" function for AP-PTP mode
- WEB UI: Switched pairs Cable pair 2 <> Cable pair 0. Added explanations on statuses OPEN, SHORT, TEST FAILED
- WEB UI: Can't edit Startup Date
- WEB UI: No DHCP leases in WEB UI
- WEB UI: Other small changes/improvements