airOS v8.2.0 For airMAX 2AC (2.4GHz) Has Been Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎08-25-2017 06:31 AM

Hi Everyone,


airOS v8.2.0 for airMAX 2AC devices has been released. You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE




8.2.0 (2XC) Changelog / August 25, 2017

New: - New: WEB UI Dashboard - New: Secondary SSID support on Station mode - New: Auto-channel width selection on Station if the AP's channel width is changed - New: Add option to enable/disable ATPC on Station - New: Add option (in system tab) to disable airView radio - New: Add Speed Test quick launch button to station list - New: Show GPS coordinates (with the link to Google Maps) in Dashboard - New: Added NTP Client information and tooltip next to Date on Dashboard - New: Enhanced password change validation for security purposes - New: Remember Credentials For This Session setting for saving User Name and Password in Speed Test tool - New: Keyboard shortcuts: s - brings up the Station List on Dashboard, c - opens/closes the Constellation Diagrams window in all pages - New: Added UNMS agent Regulatory updates: - Updated 2GHz frequency list: removed 2464MHz for FCC and 2474MHz for EU - Added HT40 and HT80 channel widths for Saudi Arabia Fixes: - Fix: DNS proxy is not working when Block Management Access is enabled on LAN - Fix: DHCP discovery is blocked when Block Management Access is enabled on LAN - Fix: Device becomes unreachable until reboot when switching form Router to Bridge mode and Block Management Access on LAN (BRIDGE0) was enabled - Fix: Auto distance control remains operating when static distance is set - Fix: AP TX Power is set to 0dBm after disabling Automatic Power Control (PTP mode) - Fix: Sometimes Site Survey shows no results on Station (PTP mode) - Fix: Make CoS values priority on by default on bridge with VLAN ports - Fix: TX Power change while ATPC is enabled is ignored when disabling ATPC - Fix: Show DHCP client hostname in DHCP Leases in case hostname contains special symbols - Fix: Connection interruption on interfaces running DHCPC when wpa_supplicant is configured - Fix: NAT helper modules are not enabled/disabled on configuration change until device reboot - Fix: After some time PPPoE client stops sending PADI packets to reinitiate PPP session after failure - Fix: Rate distribution data is incorrect on long range PTP links - Fix: Do not show chain mismatch warning if station is 1x1 - Fix: Do not show wireless security type in Dashboard if device is not connected - Fix: Interface language doesn't change after changing it on first login or in System page - Fix: Error 403 if session cookie doesn't match original IP - Fix: Speed Test results average values calculation - Fix: Missing station 'Reconnect' option - Fix: Improved throughput test performance - Fix: Removed MCS9 for VHT20 2.4GHz channels - Fix: Removed 80 from scan mode label - Fix: Reduced HW Watchdog resets (possible fix) - Fix: AirOS stability improvements - Fix: AirOS security improvements WEB UI: - WEB UI: Change background color to white in all dialog windows to increase contrast - WEB UI: Constellation diagrams moved to Tools/Constellation menu - WEB UI: Allow airMAX AC series configuration backup upload - WEB UI: Allow to open only one window for the same tool - WEB UI: Improved Speed Test tool view and execution - WEB UI: Invalid parameters error in Speed Test when specifying IP manually - WEB UI: Wrong Distance reporting for remote device - WEB UI: Wrong CINR reporting for M series devices in Mixed mode - WEB UI: airView scrollbar issue

Supported Products:


* Rocket 2AC Prism

Please @mention me if you have any questions.