airOS v8.5.11 Has Been Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee 2 weeks ago

Hi Everyone,


Today we are releasing v8.5.11 for airMAX AC devices.   You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.




- New: Change default wireless security configuration to WPA2 with PSK 0000:0000
- New: Short model name change to Loco5AC for NanoStation 5AC loco
- New: Short model name change to R2AC-Prism for Rocket 2AC Prism

Licensed firmwares updates:
- Added Licensed selection in country list for WORLD version products
- Added Canada (Licensed) selection in country list

- UNII-2 channels support for LiteAP GPS
- UNII-2 channels support for LiteBeam 5AC LR
- Update channel plan for India according to the new regulation valid from 01/01/2019

- airOS security improvement: CVE-2018-1000517
- airOS stability improvements
- Update dropbear to v2018.76
- UNMS agent upgrade to v0.5.2

- Fix: Auto IP Aliasing issue
- Fix: DHCP client interrupts connection periodically if no DHCP server is present
- Fix: UNMS agent memory leak when server name resolution fails

- WEB UI: Added Custom antenna selection in Wireless settings for devices with changeable antennas
- WEB UI: Updated antenna list for Bullet AC & Bullet AC IP67
- WEB UI: Moved Calculate EIRP Limit option under Advanced Wireless settings
- WEB UI: Fixed GMT (Western Europe Time) and add British Time Zone
- WEB UI: Fixed issue with enterprise security settings view when switching wireless mode from AP to Station
- WEB UI: Fixed incorrect display of charts and legends on Dashboard when switching between wireless modes or device network role
- WEB UI: Moved NTP Client and NTP Server settings to Date/Time Settings in the System page
- WEB UI: Added help message for disabled TDD Framing option in PTP mode
- WEB UI: Updated default columns for station list - replaced distance with throughput columns
- WEB UI: Added option to send Crashlog reports automatically
- WEB UI: Do not allow duplicate SSH/HTTP ports
- WEB UI: Small UI improvements


Please note that v8.5.11 does not contain the fixes for issues some users have been experiencing with Flexible-New mode. These are targeted for v8.6, as has been mentioned in other threads.   Please PM me if you are experiencing issues with Flexible-New.


You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.


You can find "-CS" versions that support custom scripts HERE


Please @mention me if you have any questions.