airOS v8.5.12 Has Been Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎02-14-2019 07:21 AM

Hi Everyone,


Today we are releasing v8.5.12 for airMAX AC devices.   You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.




- airMAX-ac FF: Flexible (NEW) mode stability improvements

Regulatory updates:
- Updated frequency list and extended UNII-3 for Germany to support 80MHz channel width (5755-5865MHz)

- Improved initial NTP synchronization time

- Fix: 3rd party device hanging handshake when using Open wireless security
- Fix: Sending excessive discovery packets in router mode when WEB UI is in use
- Fix: Station which is reset to default configuration does not associate to the AP preconfigured with default WPA-PSK key

- WEB UI: Fixed distance issue on Wireless page after switching metrics
- WEB UI: Removed space in FW version displayed on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Various small UI improvements



You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.


You can find "-CS" versions that support custom scripts HERE


Please @mention me if you have any questions.