airOS v8.5.4 Has Been Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎05-25-2018 08:57 AM

Hi Everyone,


Today we are releasing v8.5.4 for airMAX AC devices.   You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.




- We highly recommend using WEB UI rather than TFTP for upgrading to v8.5.4 from older firmwares
- Maximum supported CPE/Station count for the new TDD Framing Flexible (NEW) mode is 60

- New: A new TDD Framing Flexible (NEW) mode for 20/40MHz. The old flexible mode remains and it is renamed to Flexible (legacy). v6.1.7 required for the Flexible (NEW) mode
- New: TDD Framing/GPS Sync support for 10MHz with 8ms 67/33 and 10ms 67/33 DL/UL Ratio options in AP PtMP airMAX Mixed mode (v6.1.7 required) 
- New: IPV6 addresses support in the Ping tool
- New: Daylight Saving Time support
- New: Improved First Login page: added options to upload backup configuration and change default Username/Password 
- New: ULink, UNMS, UCRM icons on Login page
- New: Keyboard shortcuts. To view a full list of available shortcuts in airOS WEB UI, press "?"
- New: LiteBeam 5AC 16 120 model name change to LiteAP AC
- New: PrismAP antennas name change to Horn
- New: UNMS agent upgrade to v0.3.12
- New: Updated EULA and Privacy Policy agreements

- airMAX-ac FF: Introducing 10ms duration with 75/25, 67/33 and 50/50 DL/UL Ratio options
- airMAX-ac FF: Improved clients connection in TDD Framing Fixed and Flexible (NEW) modes
- airMAX-ac FF: GPS Sync is set always On when Fixed mode is selected on devices with GPS (GPS Sync setting is removed from Web)
- airMAX-ac FF: Station can't establish connection with AP

- Dashboard visual improvements
- Antenna Alignment tool visual improvements
- airOS stability improvements

- Fix: Make DHCPv6 Unique Identifier (DUID-UUID) permanent
- Fix: Fast restart for Sensitivity Threshold setting
- Fix: Impossible to clear up Lock To AP Mac field when old configuration key is present in system configuration
- Fix: VHT10 calculated distance fix

- WEB UI: Show SSID in the Link view on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Show link's security in the Link view on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Rename 1x1 to SISO and 2x2 to MIMO in the Data Rate diagram on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Return back GPS signal quality indicator on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Show warning on distance limitations when changing wireless mode, channel width and TDD framing duration in Wireless page
- WEB UI: Show warning on clients number limitations when changing wireless mode, channel width and TDD framing duration in Wireless page
- WEB UI: Show all DHCP interfaces in device's DHCP Client tab
- WEB UI: Show Station IP from remote stats
- WEB UI: Open remote device WEB UI link when clicking on remote device label
- WEB UI: Show MAC address of remote device in Antenna Alignment tool
- WEB UI: Show aggregated Best signal per chain in Antenna Alignment tool
- WEB UI: Show suggested Elevation for local device calculated according to locals/remote heights in Antenna Alignment tool
- WEB UI: Show warning when coordinate-based and propagation-based link's distances do not match
- WEB UI: Link View displays coordinate-based "Distance" in case coordinates are set on both sides
- WEB UI: Metrics selected in Link view should be applied for distances in Map/Fresnel views and Height setting
- WEB UI: Fix LAN IPv6 configuration load
- WEB UI: Fix LAN IPv6 Preferred DNS validation
- WEB UI: Fix Enter key issues in Speed Test tool
- WEB UI: Fix Station List sorting by Distance
- WEB UI: Remove Distance slider for Flexible (NEW) and Fixed modes
- WEB UI: Remove the "*" next to 30MHz and 60MHz in the Channel Width list
- WEB UI: Some SSID special characters were displayed improperly on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Remove remote device GPS coordinates if remote device is not sending them
- WEB UI: Dashboard reports wrong remote CPU load
- WEB UI: False indication of signal difference per chain on Dashboard for SISO devices 
- WEB UI: RX Signal Too High indication is missing on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Users created manually are overwritten after saving the configuration
- WEB UI: Closing AirView with esc key
- WEB UI: Display U logo for devices that have no picture on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Make SSID text box wider
- WEB UI: Various small UI improvements


You can find "-CS" versions that support custom scripts HERE


Please @mention me if you have any questions.