airOS v8.5.8 Has Been Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎09-19-2018 08:52 AM

Hi Everyone,


Today we are releasing v8.5.8 for airMAX AC devices.   You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.


We will be posting an additional blog later today to cover some of the highlights/new features in 8.5.8.



- New: Faster client reconnect after reboot or disconnect
- New: Enable IPv6 after Reset to Factory Defaults
- New: Time synchronization to GPS if NTP is disabled and the device has GPS
- New: Simplify wireless security management and remove ability to disable wireless security
- New: Allow adding and configuring ACL rules when Block Management Access is enabled
- New: airCube status on Map view and airCube list on Link view for local device if it is in router mode and if it has connected airCube(s)
- New: UNMS agent upgrade to v0.4.0

- Add Paraguay country code
- Add Swaziland country code
- Enable UNII-1 and UNII-2A bands for Australia
- Enable UNII-1 indoor bands for Canada
- Enable UNII-2C indoor bands for Kazakhstan
- Enable full UNII-2C band for Russia
- Enable UNII-3 band for Ireland: 5725 MHz-5875 MHz
- Enable indoor channels for Brazil: 5150-5250 MHz, 5250-5350 MHz
- Update channel plan for Bahrain
- Reduce DFS false positive events
- Reduce DFS channels reinitialization time

- DHCP option 82 configuration per bridge
- airOS stability improvements

- Fix: Improve distance calculation in Flexible (NEW) mode for 2.4 GHz devices
- Fix: Ethernet MTU configuration on devices with 2 Ethernet ports
- Fix: Ethernet issue with large packets
- Fix: Ethernet port doesn't switch back to auto-negotiation after fixed speed on dual ethernet models
- Fix: Management Radio performance for 2WA products
- Fix: Sometimes Management Radio cannot be enabled manually
- Fix: GPS data are missing on Station when different FW version is used on AP
- Fix: Power reporting in Constellation diagrams
- Fix: UNMS status reporting for remote device
- Fix: Error message "attempt to index field 'uri.authority' (a nil value)" sometimes visible in the logs
- Fix: In TFTP recovery releasing reset button at certain moment launches tftp recovery without erasing configuration

- WEB UI: Split spectrum to local and remote on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Make 40MHz as default channel width when selecting PTP mode
- WEB UI: Make DNS fields on LAN mandatory in case DNS poxy is OFF
- WEB UI: Add ability to upload backup configuration in the Create Your Username and Password page
- WEB UI: Allow very long passwords in Change Password window
- WEB UI: Bring Tools section always to front
- WEB UI: Return Max TX Data Rate and Data Rate Module settings on Wireless page for Flexible (NEW) and Fixed modes
- WEB UI: Add help for RF Environment and Historic Rx Rate diagrams on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Add note in Crashlog Report explaining that it is sent by user's browser, not by airOS
- WEB UI: Fix duplicated country selection in the device setup wizard when upgrading from a version older than v8.5.1
- WEB UI: Throughput representation for station on Dashboard when TDD framing capacity reporting is set to DL/UL split based
- WEB UI: Fix GMT (Western Europe Time) and add British Time Zone
- WEB UI: FW upload fails in Safari when non-ascii chars are present in the FW path
- WEB UI: Firefox doesn't offer to save password
- WEB UI: Fix DHCP Client reporting when there is no lease
- WEB UI: Fix Station List sorting by TX/RX PPS
- WEB UI: Fix data validation issue on AP when the associated Station supplies invalid data (in rare cases)
- WEB UI: Signal, Noise & Interference chart is not shown for remote M station on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Fix wrong working channel representation on airView bar on Dashboard
- WEB UI: Fix empty Dashboard for Read-Only user
- WEB UI: Fix password change for Read-Only user
- WEB UI: Fix login issues on Firefox browser
- WEB UI: Fix weird lighttpd messages in System log
- WEB UI: Various small UI improvements


You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.


You can find "-CS" versions that support custom scripts HERE


Please @mention me if you have any questions.