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Announcing The airMAX Beta Store Launch

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎02-07-2017 08:37 AM - last edited 3 weeks ago

Today, we're proud to announce the public launch of the airMAX Beta Store, which is available for Beta customers only (US Only). You can access the Beta Store by clicking HERE. If you don't have access to the Beta Store, then you need to follow the steps in THIS help centre article to sign up for beta access.





airOS 8.0.1 Has Been Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎02-03-2017 06:37 AM - last edited a week ago

airOS 8.0 for airMAX AC devices has been released. You can download it in the Downloads Section HERE.


  Version 8.0.1 (XC, WA) - Service Release (February 3, 2017)
Supported products
  * Rocket 5AC Lite, model: R5AC-Lite	
  * Rocket 5AC PTP AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTP
  * Rocket 5AC Multi-Point AirPrism, model: R5AC-PTMP
  * PowerBeam 5AC, models: PBE-5AC-500, PBE-5AC-620, PBE-5AC-300, PBE-5AC-400
  * PowerBeam 5AC 300 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-300-ISO
  * PowerBeam 5AC 400 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-400-ISO
  * PowerBeam 5AC 500 ISO, model: PBE-5AC-500-ISO
  * NanoBeam 5AC 19dBi, model: NBE-5AC-19
  * NanoBeam 5AC 16dBi, model: NBE-5AC-16
  * LiteBeam 5AC 23dBi, model: LBE-5AC-23
  * LiteBeam AC 16 dBi 120 degrees, model: LBE-AC-16-120 
  * Rocket 5AC Prism, model: R5-AC-PRISM
Regulatory updates:
- Revised UNII Rules activation for IC/Canada (Please see note)
- Updated Australia allowed frequencies for 5GHz 
- Updated New Zealand allowed frequencies for 5GHz 

airOS security improvements: 
- OpenSSL update to v1.0.2j 
- XSS vulnerability in DHCP client info     
- Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for FW Update Check 
- Command injection in Ping test tool     
- Remove unused WMM related code 
- XSS in WEB UI language handling

- Fix: Reduce false A12 initialization error detection
- Fix: Sometimes AP drops all Stations using WPA2 EAP security (pure AC and mixed modes affected)
- Fix: Station fails re-authentication with AP using WPA2 EAP security causing Station disconnect

- WEB UI: Login page improvements on small screens like mobile phones
- WEB UI: Fixed sorting by Firmware version in Device Discovery tool
- WEB UI: Fixed reporting of firmware version in Station List
- WEB UI: French translation mistake in Login page 
- WEB UI: Previous device's name is showed in the title after Device Name change
- WEB UI: DHCP Lease Time field should be wider 
- WEB UI: "Rx Signal" label misses "Rx" 
- WEB UI: DHCP Address Reservation section misbehavior in case DHCP Server is disabled 
- WEB UI: Various small UI improvements 


Canadian users can request unlock codes here: https://www.ubnt.com/iccoderequest/