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Bandwidth throughput 3x slower from gateway than from local LAN



I have strange issue with Ubi radios.


- When downloading file from an Internet with wired connected PC I reach full speed (10mb/s).

- When downloading the same file from Internet but through bridge built on Ubi radios I have 3x slower transfer rate

- But when downloding that file through same bridge but from local http server I get correct full speed


So looks like traffic incoming from Mikrotik router is 3x slower on Ubi radios, where local LAN traffic goes with full speed.




Any idea where is the problem?


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Re: Bandwidth throughput 3x slower from gateway than from local LAN

Try to narrow the case down by testing bandwidth through fewer and fewer LAN devices. Eliminate one device at a time until you locate the bottleneck, then we can attempt to troubleshoot further.

In my signature, you can find the help center link. We have an article for testing throughput with iPerf3 which will be the most effective way to locate the problem.

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