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How can I get voice ip to transfer over Nanobeam.

i have  .200 address for computers

and .0 address for ip phones.


the beam is connected to the switch and passes .200 address but when i plug in phone to get an .0 or any address it does not obtain over beam. if i replace beam with phone in the same port at sending location it obtains an address so I know there is nothing wrong a sending end so there is a disconnect at the ptp between nanobeam. Iv been at this for a while and support is no help at all.

so it seems to me voice vlan is not passing over beam any help is appricated.

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Re: How can I get voice ip to transfer over Nanobeam.

A more complete description and a simple diagram

might help make thie issue more clear.


I assume the 'beam' is a NanoBeam radio, but you

don't say if it is a NanoBeam M or NanoBeam AC.

If it is a legacy NanoBeam M, you should always

enable the Wireless option for 'WDS-transparent mode'

in both radios. This will permit the link to pass most

traffic unimpeded.


If the radios are NanoBeam AC, this option doesn't

exist; and the radios are always in 'transparent mode'.

In that case, there is another issue to resolve.   Dave

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Re: How can I get voice ip to transfer over Nanobeam.

I'm using two NanoBeam 5AC Gen2 PTP in bridge mode


I have two switches one with voice config and the other for computers,


"Voice"(SWV) switch connects to "computer" (SWC)switch as defualt gateway so that any other traffic that is not voice goes to computer switch and out firewall. If it is voice traffic it directs to voice switch which has the vlan 46 for voice and goes out to WAN. 

vlan 200

voice vlan 46

SWC------Firewall .200.1----WAN


SWV-----NANObeam1 200.233                                    NANObeam2 200.234---SWV2----SWC2

    |                                                                                                                           |                   |

 WAN                                                                                                                     IPphone        Computer


The disconnect is from nanobeam1 to nanobeam2 I was trying to see if maybe it didnt allow voice traffice but im unsure. It wont obtain an address from vlan 46 for voice but computers obtain address from vlan 200. I know its advertising because all my other ipphones directly connect to switch is getting an address.