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Rocket M5 and VLAN's

Hi Guys
I hope someone can tell me if this is possible.
A Wisp is going to supply us additional internet traffic, this traffic will come to us over 2 of our own high sites. we want to connect the back-haul's using Rocket M5's,
Wisp ------- HS1-----------HS2----------RB1200------ Network------- More HS's
Currently our edge router is a RB1200 ( 3 x ADSL Connections), we want to at HS1 install another AP "Mikrotik", but use the same back-haul's from the WISP to enter our Network,
If we tag the CPE traffic on the Mikrotik and then truck between HS1<->HS2<->RB1200 will this allow us to logically separate the WISP Traffic, and the CPE traffic, logically making the the WISP traffic External to the Network and the tagged CPE traffic internal to the network ?