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Setting Up Campus WiFi Rocket M5

Greetings! I am attempting to setup wifi across our campus. The larger red dot is where I have installed a Rocket M5 with a 5GHz 19dBi 120 sector antenna, mounted approx. 20ft. in the air. The smaller red dots are the separate buildings we want covered by the wifi signal. I have the M5 connected to local ISP service through PoE connector that was included with the M5, and my desire is to simply broadcast this connection (secured, of course). Since I am new to this process, I am unsure what settings need to be for the M5 to broadcast wifi to cover the campus. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Setting Up Campus WiFi Rocket M5

You're wanting to broadcast the RocketM5 over the campus for laptops and everything to get wifi? is that what you're asking?
because, generally, laptops and other wireless devices don't work in the 5.8Ghz that the Rocket uses.
Also, even if you were using the correct frequency (2.4Ghz) you'd have a hard time getting laptops to talk back to the access point from inside a building. You may want to re-think this and hire a consultant.
edit: you also need an antenna for the Rocket.
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