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Wireless Connection

Hey Guys


Im new on the forum. We run an ISP service in Guyana, South America and we've been having some serious issues with frequencies and interferences. We're using the 5ghz spectrum, i've tried countless frequency changes and Im not getting the desired speed.


The distance we're trying to cover is approximately 13km. 


So far we've tried the following scenarios:


Transmitting: Rocket AC Lite with a rocket dish

Recieving: Powerbeam M5 500 ac


Transmitting: Ligowave DLB MACH 5ac

Recieving: Ligowave DLB MACH 5ac


Transmitting: Rocket AC Lite with a rocket dish

Recieving: Rocket AC Lite with a rocket dish


We're getting roughly 1 to 3mbps,wheras its a 50mbps connection.


I am really looking foward to learning alot on this forum and getting our bandwith problem resolved.



Richie Mohan


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Re: Wireless Connection