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Add vlan to Station PtMP

I have a fairly new small WISP up and going, but I'm wanting to make changes to a specific leg of it and I'm unsure of my changes.  I have a client using a LightBeam 5AC Gen2 as a Station PtMP, connected to a RocketPrism 5AC Gen2 as an AP PtMP.  Currently the AP and Station are both running on vlan122 network.


To get the client online quickly, I just slapped them on the same subnet.  But I want to use a different subnet/vlan for client access.  So I've setup vlan522 on the router, switch, up to the AP.  Do I need to add anything on the AP if the switch port is tagged 522? Or can I just add wlan0.522 to the Station, change the bridge to lan0/wlan0.522, and reprogram his router to use the new subnet?

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Re: Add vlan to Station PtMP

As long as I read through that correctly, I think you have the idea. You don't need to do anything to the AP.

Be sure to use the test button when applying changes while working with VLANs.

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